New Moon in Aquarius

Date: January 22, 2020


We have an Aquarius New Moon coming at us Friday January 24th @ 2:41 PM MST. With all the Capricorn stuff we came into this year with, (Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto) and the 2 eclipses which were very Capricornian and about endings, releasing, and purging – this New Moon has the potential to feel more like the New Year than January 1st did. It’s the Lunar New Year, so that’s appropriate. It’s a strange mix of planetary vibes for this Sun/Moon meet-up.

Aquarius in itself is a strange feeling for the Moon. It’s not an emoting sign. Aquarius is about rationalizing emotions and seeing things from that special brand of (what Aquarians like to call) logic in order to detach from all the things. I joke about Aquarian logic because it usually doesn’t operate in a straight line- it leaps from point A to C back to F then comes up with the answer for X, while the rest of us are wondering WTF just happened and how did they do that? It’s a sign that’s brilliant and complicated. 

Then we have Venus in its sign of exaltation – Pisces. Venus is moving close to Neptune. This combination does not foster a firm grip on reality. Venus and Neptune together in Pisces is dreamy, romantic and maybe a bit disillusion (or a lot). These 2 are making a square aspect to Mars, which may be problematic this weekend for the folks who have a lot of fire in their charts- Mars is the only planet in a fire sign right now, and it’s being drowned by a hard aspect to Neptune. The square to Neptune can be a very draining aspect, so take it easy this weekend if you’re feeling tired.

The challenge will be to remain realistic. It is VERY helpful that Saturn and Jupiter are in Capricorn, so there is great potential for making tangible progress, especially while we have no retrograde planets for the time being. The danger is in being disappointed. Detached idealism is the feeling – Pisces and Aquarius are idealistic signs. Keep this in mind if you’re planning on setting intentions. Don’t make them too complicated, or over think what you’re working towards. Be open to inspiration while making sure your intentions are based in reality- things you want to work towards that will have long term benefit.

If you have a chart that has key points or planets between 12-15°, these will be activated right now. If you do find yourself feeling drained and fuzzy, I find music to be a really effective antidote for the Neptune fog. Play it, sing it, chant, or just listen…music is sure to give you a boost.

I’m just gonna presume that emergency rooms are going to see some weird-ass stuff this weekend! So be kind to yourselves- I prescribe naps for all of you! xoxo