New Moon in Pisces

Date: February 20, 2020

Sunday the 23rd at 8:31 am MST we have a New Moon in Pisces, at 4°28′. It’s an interesting time in the sky as every planet is within 120° of the Zodiac. Mercury is retrograde in its least favorite sign and moving back towards the Sun and Moon. This energy is all about setting up boundaries. Emotional boundaries, communication boundaries and energetic boundaries. Things can get a little hairy with Pisces energy- we are a species of vocabulary. Whether we express this with our mouths or our hands in Pisces, language feels limiting- frustrating.

When there’s this much energy in Pisces we can forget to speak, thinking we told people our thoughts, when really we were just having conversations in our heads. We can be forgetful. We can get lost in our daydreams or just plane unable to get our thoughts across. It makes people cranky.

It’s a great time to re-visit a project that may have been lacking inspiration or depth- now’s the time to re-imagine things. 

It could be tough to not over-indulge this weekend. Venus and Jupiter are squaring off. Thankfully Jupiter is in Capricorn, so the buffet of treats may not be as over the top as it could be. Mars is coming up on the South Node now so get some things off your plate it’s time to let go of. If you’re working too hard, or your ambitions are getting in the way of your living a healthier existence, decide what needs to go and move on. Set boundaries with people who don’t have your well-being in mind. 

With Mars and the ruler of the New Moon – Jupiter- in Capricorn, it can be a great time to create a new routine around physical activity. The Venus/Jupiter square make staring a new diet tricky, so instead get moving- your body mind and spirit will thank you!

This combination of planetary energy can lead us to lash out at the easy targets. Don’t pick on the nearest or weakest being. Say what you need to say to the person involved. It’ll save time and unnecessary pain. Most importantly- be kind to yourself. xo