Full Moon in Virgo!

Date: March 5, 2020


It’s a Full Moon, and this time it’s at 19 ° Virgo and perfects Monday March 9th at 11:47 am MST.

With the Sun on the opposite side in Pisces and nestled up with Neptune, it’s a time to let ego dissolve and for us to make way for more spiritual connection and unconditional self-love.

There are 7 planets in earth right now, 2 planets in water and Mercury in air. But Mercury’s stationing to move direct, so it’s not adding the breath of fresh air it usually would when it’s in Aquarius. What this elemental combination means is, fire and air signs (or people who’s charts are heavy in these elements) might feel drained, uninspired and/or frustrated. I find that when there’s a lack of air astrologically, people in general are a little less social, especially air signs.

With the majority of planets still in Capricorn, it probably feels like all work and no play. The good thing about it is there’s a huge potential for this period to be extra productive. With this having been in play for a couple of weeks now, we’re just hitting our stride. We’re able to create structure and move projects forward in a more substantial way than we did last year. If you’re not enjoying this energy, don’t worry, shortly after the equinox (in a couple of weeks), the astro energy will shift dramatically, and in the next lunation post I’ll be singing a very different tune.

This particular full Moon is about letting go of perfectionist tendencies that are holding us back. Perfection is unattainable- instead, strive for great. Self-care is focused around a nutrient rich diet and integrating healthier habits into your life. These shifts don’t have to be huge. Incorporating intentional breathing into your day can be shockingly helpful in terms of stress management. 10 DEEP breaths morning, midday and before bed can be life changing. The lunar energy is in Virgo, so it’s making changes in the small details of life that’ll pack the biggest punches.

How can you stream line and be more efficient so you are able to take better care of yourself? With Venus just having swung by Uranus I’d even suggest some radical beauty overhauls might be in the cards for some. Crazy new hair cuts and drastic changes might be just the shake up some of us need.

It’s an interesting time, and the year sure isn’t going to get duller. Make sure you have some healthy habits and attitudes nailed down and future adventures will be easier to manage.

And remember– be kind to yourself. XOXO