Happy New Year!

Date: March 19, 2020


It’s a new year! In Astrology, everything begins again when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries. So this will be official at 9:49 PM MDT. We call this the Aries ingress, and you can look at the chart of that moment and read it as a chart for the year.

This was very tough to write. Editors always want us to sugar coat shit, but that just ends up making astrologers look like we don’t know what we’re talking about, and does a great disservice to our readers and listeners and clients.

The astrology of now is rough. Astrologers have been talking about 2020 for years now. Some predicted a plague, many predicted a collapse of our economic systems and even governments. There have also been predictions about much of our lives moving to a virtual platform. And here we are.

The cycle everyone is referring to involves the combination of Saturn and Pluto, which means this is a 4 year thing that started last year. Whenever Pluto is involved we’re talking about things breaking down so that they can be reborn. The Phoenix is an excellent symbol of this energy. It’s not comfortable, but it is necessary. A good friend described a Pluto transit to me as the cocoon stage, before the butterfly. The caterpillar cocoons itself then pretty much disintegrates into a gelatinous form before it re-forms into a beautiful butterfly. The world is in the middle of turning into the gelatinous form of its transformation.

It’s not meant to be comfortable. Comfort NEVER leads to change.

Some themes in the Aries ingress chart are striking. In Alberta, the place in the chart that indicates our fame and reputation- what we’re known for- is at an end point. Who we are as a province is about to change drastically. So anyone holding on to hopes of the good old days is going to be really disappointed. We’re taught when learning astrology to look for 3’s. If a theme pops up 3 times it’s significant. Well the planet of government, corporations and structures is also at it’s end point. Saturn is about to leave Capricorn, and we’ll probably get a bit of a reprieve from bad news in the form of false hope in the next few weeks. This will last until May when Saturn enters it’s retrograde phase. From that point on we can expect to have to revisit the issues hitting us now.

The 3rd indication of the same theme is the Moon phase in this chart. The 3rd quarter phase can represent being stuck in your ways despite yourself. Change or die is the message of the 3rd quarter Moon phase. It’s a time to gradually move away from what’s been done and no longer works, and start to prepare for what the New Moon phase will bring.

This is a time to heal ourselves as a society and globally. It’s an opportunity to reinvent how we approach life.

So the astrology is telling us to be patient- don’t try to control the situation, it won’t work.

Be kind, working together will get us all farther than competing with each other.

Lean into empathy and compassion rather than judgment.

Try new things.

And most important- adapt.

Take care of yourselves.