New Moon in Aries

Date: March 23, 2020

Tomorrow morning, while we sleep, we have a new Moon at 4° 12″ Aries. When I write these lunation posts I look at the entire chart to get an overall picture of what this phase is about, and this one is power packed. The Aries new Moon itself symbolizes the potential of jumping into new beginnings with abandon- naively. Aries energy is very much about being individualistic, sometimes to the point of rebellion. Blindly fighting against (at this point in the dark of the New Moon) invisible antagonizers.


It’s a warrior Moon and it’s connected to an asteroid- Chiron- which is about healing old wounds. The Moon and Chiron are square the nodal axis, so this feels very much like a collective healing, and it’s pretty literal –we’re being forced to be by ourselves in order to help the planet (people on it) heal. To further this message, we have Saturn having just changed signs into Aquarius. Saturn is about creating boundaries and Aquarius represents the collective, so again, we have this very literal symbolism about the necessary isolation we’re experiencing.


If we look to the symbolism of the signs the Nodal axis is travelling through, we have the South Node of letting go and release in Capricorn, which represents traditional commerce and business, and responsibilities to organizations and institutions. The North Node (where the healing is) in Cancer is all about nurturing and taking care of family and country. This is fascinating to me with the closing of borders and the lock down on travel. Also, the isolation from or the lock down with family.


So we have healing and isolation but when I look to the planets in Capricorn – Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars- we have a theme of fighting the old guard and the old way of doing things. By experiencing this need for social isolation we’re seeing a threat and the breakdown of several institutions. But, having the new Moon in Aries square the nodes is about a healthier expression of ego. This message is all over the astrology we’re going through right now.


Each outer plant is having its way with each of the 3 modes. So, people with personal planets in the fixed signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius or Leo are getting it from Uranus. Uranus wants us to let go of ego, stop trying to fit in and BE the individuals we were born to be. This has been tough because Uranus is chaos and the fixed signs aren’t big into change, let alone chaos…giving up control is hard, but necessary.


People with personal planets in the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces are having their egos melted away by Neptune. Neptune asks us to have faith. It takes away rational crutches so that all we have left is to just trust. It’s a big ask especially since three of these signs like to be in their heads and rationalize their plans. Neptune forms a mist making this impossible. For Pisces, the intuition you take for granted can be blocked so that you too are forced to have faith. Neptune wants us all to use our intuition and creativity and step into the fog, trusting we’re on the path.

Those with personal planets in the cardinal signs of Aries, cancer, Libra and Capricorn are getting it from all sides this New Moon, but specifically from Pluto -this has been going on for quite a while, but this new Moon is having us revisit these Plutonian lessons. Pluto shakes us to the core, forcing us to look in our deepest places- knocking things loose from our subconscious- and this can be our collective subconscious- forcing us to torch the things that are not working, or face and re-form stuff we’ve been afraid to address.

None of these planets let us “control” the outcome from an ego perspective.

There are things we CAN control. We can choose to see the benefits of our current situations. If those situations are extremely emotionally devastating, we can choose to honestly face the pain and allow it to shape our new reality in a healthy way. We can choose to help others. We can choose kindness. We can choose patience. We can choose compassion and empathy. We can choose gratitude. If you like to set intentions during the New Moon phase- centering them around these positive choices will likely bear more bountiful fruit.

Remember, in a New Moon we don’t have all of the information, so a wait and see approach will allow us to make better choices once things become more obvious. In the mean time allow the puppies and kittens to lighten your mood.

Be kind to yourselves. xo