Full Moon in Libra

Date: April 6, 2020

Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Libra. It will perfect at 7:07 PM MDT at 18°40′ Libra. The Moon in Libra is highlighting fairness, kindness, social consciousness, cooperation, and balance. When we have this particular Sun Moon combination it’s about learning to find the balance between self and others. This time the Moon is highlighting which social conventions we can discard and which ones are beneficial at this time. It’s a great time to be independent and to take the time to consider what that means to you.

Relationships are always a factor of consideration when we have the Aries/Libra axis highlighted. The idea of independence versus co-dependence is the issue at the heart of the question. Being forced into confinement with loved ones can really bring these things into focus. Our mission is to re-calibrate the imbalances in our lives and get rid of the behaviours and habits that foster co-dependence. Being forced into isolation will change our future social dynamics. Habits we’ve formed to cope socially will likely shift and morph the longer we’re distanced from each other in real life.

This lunation chart also has Mars in square aspect to Uranus (insert panicked emoji face here). This energy could definitely have some feeling trapped and super agitated. Boredom, frustration and rebelliousness are just some of the things this planetary combo could kick up. Knee jerk reactions are possible, as is being impulsive. This combo, at its most intense, can lead to revolution. Some kind of healthy physical outlet will be very helpful- by that I mean exercise. We could be more short tempered and rash than usual and this can lead to clumsiness and accidents. Some of us may also be feeling a desperate need for change… no shit.

The opportunity in this comes from a sweet aspect between Mercury and Jupiter. This forced isolation is a great time to make plans for the future. Think outside the box. The world is changing hard and fast, so come up with a plan that reflects who you’re discovering exists under your old costume of normalcy and conformity- the costume you didn’t even know you were donning until you were able to wear pajamas every day for a month. Our lives are being stripped down to a simpler version, showing us which things we miss and which we don’t. You might be surprised at what you want to keep and what you’re ready to ditch. 

It’s also a chance to feed your intellectual curiosity. Take an online class- study something new. Since we can’t travel, it’s a great time to escape into a new or favorite literary world.

Be kind to yourself and whoever you’re trapped with. Remember to find the benefits in this situation- some days are harder than others, especially for you extroverts. There’s always some glimmer of positive light- pay attention. XOXO