Taurus New Moon

Date: April 22, 2020

Tonight at 9:54 PM we have a New Moon at 3°27′ Taurus , and some interesting astrology to accompany it.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus -Venus is in the very social sign of Gemini. Also, Venus is travelling out of bounds right now. Combine that with Gemini’s ruler Mercury being in the very impatient sign of Aries. We are also experiencing  an anticipatory energy as a couple of things are about to change signs, and NOTHING is retrograde. Finally, the Sun and the Moon are connected to the disruptive and supercharged planet Uranus. All of this is a recipe for high anxiety levels and stress, especially if we’re feeling cooped up.

So let’s break this down a bit. First off, Venus out of bounds can translate into there  being no limits to what we want- socializing, beauty, shopping- Venus in Gemini wants choices and variety. She wants to talk- have great conversation and laugh. Because this is the vibe ruling the new Moon and we’re talking about Taurus, we gain comfort threw what Venus wants. These things are hard to get given our current situation. When a planet is out of bounds, it might be willing to break the rules to fulfill its needs. With all the planets being direct, we have the sense that we too should be experiencing forward motion and progress in our lives.

Layer on the Uranus conjunction and you get people frustrated with their personal liberties being infringed on- or at least the perception that it’s the case- this is magnified by the Venus being out of bounds- hence we’ll see more protests and rebellion – people displaying their defiance. Both of these planetary placements create irrationality, and with Mercury in Aries, this can come out in rage-y ways.

New Moons tend to bring out the crazy in people, so I don’t see the ridiculous rant videos of people feeling sorry for themselves and making excuses for their totally self driven desire to return to business as usual dying down in the near future. With Jupiter in Capricorn, people truly believe their ideas are right and justified. Unfortunately, we will see a growth and resurgence in conspiracy theories driving this same ranty lunacy because, while Jupiter is moving away from paranoid Pluto, they will be coming together again for much of the summer due to Jupiter’s retrogradation. Big loud opinions fueled by paranoia are bound to be more rather than less abundant.

This New Moon really does set up what the next few months look like- while everything is moving direct now, by the next New Moon we’ll have 5 planets in their retrograde cycle, Venus will still be in Gemini and people will be even more obsessed with how bad their hair is looking, at least it will no longer be out of bounds. Mercury will be in its own sign by then, so rather than the fiery inpatients of Aries working in the background, people will be more interested in gathering information and learning what they can about our current situation and our options.

For this Moon, focus on setting small goals that involve your home. Gardening and growing things are a great use of this New Moon. Taurus loves food, so growing things you can eat is a very good outlet for any pent up energy you may be experiencing. In terms of staying more optimistic, try to focus on what you can do to improve your home and your immediate surroundings. If you have a yard, the Taurus New Moon is the perfect time to plan out how you want it to look – you may be spending a lot of time in it in the coming months- you might as well love it.

Stay home. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to the people or things you share space with.