New Moon in Gemini

Date: May 21, 2020

We have a New Moon at 2°04′ Gemini on Friday that will perfect at 11:38 am MDT. The Moon going from Balsamic to New is usually an instant pick-me-up for me, but this one is super charged. Gemini is a busy sign, chatty, gathering information and keeping itself busy, so if you add the dynamic energy of the new Moon, it’s bound to be a flourish of communication and connecting in every way possible.

We are all bound to get stuck in our heads, over think and have a hard time making decisions at some point during the next 4 weeks. Normally I’d say this would be an excellent time to collect info, do some research, flirt – Gemini things – because Mercury is in it’s own sign of Gemini, which amplifies the Gemini qualities of this lunation, but here are a some things complicating matters. First off, Mercury is out of bounds. That will rev up the hyper quality of this New Moon. It may be difficult to maintain a train of thought, sleep, relax, sit still etc.

For people who are generally good at keeping things to themselves, the ability to keep your mouths shut may be impeded. That’s troublesome given Venus is out of Bounds too, and retrograde. My first astrology teacher described the Venus retrograde as waspish, in other words, it likes to sting, and because there’s all this Gemini, the stinging will come with words. Think before you speak if you can, but given the astro energy, this won’t go well for some.

For those who have to get some things off their chest, it may happen whether you want it to or not. With Venus retrograde and out of bounds, people’s feelings around what they desire or long for are out of whack. I know for myself, my emotions are a complete teeter totter, and I’m hearing this from others too- especially those we strong Mercury in their charts. It’s even hard for me to live with myself right now. I won’t even mention the New Moon square to Mars…lets just say, there’s a lot of room for crankiness and subjectivity- we’re going to be prone to emotional over reactions now.

Use this Gemini time to make lists, or write down a solid frame work for what your life plan is going forward, as the New Moon is trine Saturn. We’re in a new phase of reconstructing our lives. This New Moon is connecting to things going back to mid May 2012, and this part of the cycle is the beginning of a phase that lasts until August 19th 2022. A great way to use all this Gemini that will have positive effects into the future is taking classes. Learning is always a great way to burn off the nervous energy of The Twins.

With Venus and Mercury right cozied up to each other, it’s a great time to make something beautiful– a project that requires dexterity. Mercury rules our hands and our manual dexterity, while Venus is things of beauty. It is Gemini energy though, so maybe have at least 2 of these projects on the go.

This should be a time of rational thought, but Mercury and Neptune are at it again, so this 27 month period is flavoured with a square to Neptune. This is another phase of misinformation. While this planetary relationship can fill the minds of the collective with garbage, it also has the potential to create opportunities to come with with creative solutions to what needs to be fixed.

Both the Mars energy and the relationship to Neptune are telling us to get in touch with our intuition. The other side of this lunation holds a lot of inspiration and being able to think beyond our usually perceived limitations.

If you’re feeling frustrated over overwhelmed, let yourself get lost in flowers, natural beauty, art and music. This is where the healing is. Our reality is being warped right now so that we can see the possibilities of a new future. The key is to open our minds to new possibilities and adapt to’s coming no matter how hard you hold on. When you learn to ride a horse, they tell you to go with the movements and rhythm of horse…now is a time to move with the horse.

Be kind to yourself. xoxo