Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Date: June 4, 2020

We have a Full Moon eclipse tomorrow. It perfects at 1:12 PM MDT at 15°34′ Sagittarius. One of the words that always comes to mind when I see a Gemini/ Sagittarius opposition is “opinions”- polarizing opinions. The nodal axis has just moved onto this axis, so this energy is something we’re healing right now, and will be for the next 19 months.

This is an intense time, and one of the many things that makes it so is a bombardment of opinions on social media. Everywhere you turn someone is trying to sway your opinion, enforce their own opinion, everybody and their dog is writing on “op ed”, which is…an OPINION piece. Gemini is tied into our nerves, so one of the things to come out of this period are over taxed nervous systems. If this is true for you, make sure to take a brake form social media and collect your thoughts. Try not to contribute to the noise. When there’s a build up of explosive energy like we’re seeing now, finding a way to help can be really remedial- I have a list of places you can donate to on my Facebook page, but helping in anyway that nourishes you can bring a lot of peace.

Mars is exactly square the Sun and the Moon, and that does not bode well for dialing back conflict. Mars is a key player this whole year, so the conflict is not even close to over, and as the discord increases so will the spread of Covid-19. That bitchy Venus I talked about in my last post is severely debilitated by being too close to the Sun and square Mars. So this eclipse is also about ego and values, conflict and trauma.

When we don’t have Venus and Jupiter in decent shape, our joy and good feelings are harder to access. This is why we’re inclined to replace those planetary energies with things they represent like alcohol and sugary, fatty foods- and with Neptune all happy in Pisces, our desire to escape into drugs, alcohol, and entertainment are through the roof.

There’s more, but it’s not important. What you need to know during an eclipse is- don’t charge your stones, don’t set intentions, if you can avoid launching things now, it would be best. Take time to enjoy some quiet, take breaks from your electronics, fact check, purge, meditate and love each other. I find most of us are totally overloaded- honour whatever you need to do to rest if you can. Take care of yourselves. xoxo