Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Date: July 3, 2020

We just had a Solar eclipse in Cancer- and now the matching set in a Lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. This Full Moon eclipse perfects at 10:44 PM MDT @ 13°37′ Capricorn on July 4th.

Capricorn is about self-restrain, self-discipline, realism and practicality (among other things of course). It’s appropriate for the times we’re in. When we look to situations where people have rushed in socially without using these gifts, we’ve seen increases of illness. I’m not going to get into the details because I’m sure you’re as sick of getting bad news as I am of delivering it. The reality is, this astrological stretch of difficult change and transformation is long from over- there will be some bright spots- but not this time.

This eclipse is about letting go of the things you don’t need anymore- belongings, luxuries, outdated beliefs and most importantly, delusions of any kind.  

The beautiful thing about this time is the being forced to live in the moment– as we’re unable to plan, we are more inclined to live day by day. As we’re being forced to sit in our surrounding, we’re encouraged to appreciate what we have, and in that time be realistic about what we no longer need.

Mars has just gone into Aries and will stay here for an incredibly long stretch, so we’re gonna be rammy- exercise, rather than pick a fight. If you find yourself angrier than usual, find a way to use that excess fire in a productive way. It is the perfect time to get involved in that cause you keep saying you want to help out with. Be a Mars warrior for others in need, rather than stewing in things you can’t change right now. If you can, avoid social media a bit more. It feeds all the negativity we need to avoid.

Take care of your health- this particular Eclipse warns us to wait and see and to not be weakened by illusions. Our personal powers are at a low and this lunar mansion speaks of illness, frustration and misfortune. Ugh. So stay home. Do things to boost your immune system. Take stock of all the good stuff in your life, and most of all be kind. The New Moon in a couple of weeks has a nicer message, so in the mean time, do things that feed positivity into your heart and brain. I personally will be sending out as much Love as I can- Goddess knows, the world needs it right now- maybe you can do the same.