New Moon in Cancer

Date: July 19, 2020

Tomorrow is a New Moon in Cancer. It perfects at 28°26′ Cancer at 11:32 AM MDT. This is our second New Moon in Cancer this year. Thankfully, this one’s not an eclipse. Energetically we may feel like we get a fresh start just before the Sun moves into Leo. This Mansion of  Moon here brings healing. This kind of healing is about family, our habits and routines and re-assessing  how much work we need to put into these things. The Sun and Moon are tightly opposed Saturn, so this is not a no holds barred, let’s start a new life kinda Moon.

It’s a good time to consider how to better take care of and protect yourself. During this time of limited social contact have you stopped caring about your health and well being? I know I’ve slipped into some pretty sabotaging habits. Having the Moon and Saturn involved allows us to make some lasting changes in terms of care, home, family and nurturing. Maybe it’s time to get more sleep, make better food choices, or just simply make a conscious effort to check in with your body and see what it needs. Cancer is a self protecting sign- so think of things that make you feel safe and taken care of.

It’s a great time to set intentions around balancing comfort and discipline. Setting comfortable boundaries is something else that comes to mind. Everybody’s itching to get together with loved ones- Saturn is telling us to do it responsibly. This Moon has a weird vibe because while it’s new, it’s attached to the past few months in so many ways. Look back at the last 8 months and make a plan to change things that aren’t working for you.

Mercury is also in Cancer, so it could be a good time to talk about, or write down some of the feeling you need to process about the things that are making you feel unsafe.

With the Sun in Leo and Mars already in Aries- we’re finally getting some fiery inspiration back in the sky. Find new ways to be creative, get some extra physical activity and set some attainable goals. I’ll be sitting down tomorrow to set some goals and intentions to send the rest of my 2020 in a healthier direction. Remind yourself- you deserve to feel good. You deserve to be healthy. You deserve to feel emotionally safe.

Take care  xoxo