New Moon in Leo

Date: August 18, 2020

It’s a New Moon in Leo today, and it perfects at 8:41 PM MDT, @ 26º Leo 35′. The Moon is leaving a trine with Mars to join the Sun and Mercury. This is a fiery combo which has the potential to ignite creativity and passion while flaring egos and tempers. 

I don’t know how you’ve been fairing during Mars’ time in Aries, but it’s traversing my first house. This has left me impatient and needing a little more alone time/independence than usual. Normally Mars would make quick work of it’s travels through a house, but not this time. Mars will station retrograde in 3 weeks before it gets to the end of the sign, so it will spend a little over 6 months in it’s own sign, instead of the typical month and a half because of it’s retrograde cycle- so whatever house it is in for you, Mars will juice up the affairs of the house. Keep in mind- anything that happens before the retrograde may be reversed, returned or need revisiting during the backwards cycle. 

Since it’s intimately connected to the New Moon, Mars says we need to examine ways we’re required to assert our will. Is it time for more independence? You may find you need to take the lead on projects or in relationships. Determining how you can accomplish this is a good use of this New Moon energy. It’s definitely time to stand up for yourself. Don’t hesitate to shine your brightest and own the space you’re in. Don’t be afraid to spread out and be your whole self. Too often we’re socialized to be small, and unobstructive: this lunation is asking you to re-examine how you can change it.

The Venus/Uranus sextile is giving us an opportunity to nurture our uniqueness, and find value in a new freedom to express ourselves. When you use Uranus energy you’ll usually be surprised or even shocked by the results. Unexpected romantic gestures are a good use of this combination- keep in mind that we’re talking about Leo here, so don’t think small if you’re trying to woo anyone. Some people may have opportunities for surprise romantic encounters.

The tightest aspect in the chart though is an awkward aspect between the Sun/Moon and Saturn– this indicates a need to make adjustments to our expectations around commitment. Also, it’s time to reset boundaries and re-examine responsibilities. Remember, the New Moon is about making plans- setting intentions, so whatever you’re looking to bring in, it may require making some changes to the structure of your life. Another consideration when we’re talking Leo planets making this kind of aspect to Saturn- don’t get too attached to what you’d like the outcome to look like. Quincunx aspects tend to give you a different version of what you asked for, so if you’re too tied up in a specific outcome, it could lead to disappointment. If you’re open to all the variations of the possible manifestations of your ask- you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised.

By the end of the week, the vibe will be very different. Both the Sun and Mercury will have moved into Virgo and Mars will be in a tighter square to Saturn. The fire will have died down and we’ll have the feeling of getting back to work. The aspect will have us frustrated and feeling like any work we’ve done to assert ourselves was for nothing. If you do things slowly and properly, the situation should smooth out. Keep in mind that people in authority could give push back. Be patient and take a deep breath before you react- this resistance will pass for now. We’ll be revisited by the Mars/Saturn Square at the end of September- any issues that come up during these 2 passes- bear in mind – the situation is not likely to get resolved, so consider deeply how the lack of resolution may impact your decisions on the matter.

In the mean time- show yourself some extra love- be kind to yourself and others. xoxo