Full Moon in Pisces

Date: September 1, 2020


A Full Moon at 10º12′ Pisces perfects tonight at 11:21 PM MDT. This is a very dynamic Full Moon featuring an opposition of Saturn and Venus, 4 planets retrograde, Mars getting ready to retrograde in a little over a week and Mercury making beneficial aspects to Venus and Saturn. It really is an astrological party right now– including the token belligerent drunk guy talking to himself in the corner- we’ll call him Jupiter.

My first thought was to feel sorry for us all that Mars is about to turn retrograde. It’s not a great thing- don’t get me wrong, but it can be positive in that Mars in Aries has us all wanting to run full steam ahead. That would be great if we knew what direction we were supposed to be running in, but we don’t. Life is uncertain right now, and in some places, outright chaos. Giving Mars free reign to run headfirst into the unknown would most likely create big problems we’d have to go back and fix later. I feel like the Mars retrograde brings with it a bit of protection in some ways, slowing us down and forcing us to revisit things we didn’t get right the first time- maybe projects we rushed through, or fights that weren’t resolved. We may feel we need to fight harder to assert our will- but do we? One thing connected to Mars retrogrades are revolutions- a need to rise up and fight against the establishment. Objectivity, Maturity, Empathy and the ability to look back and learn from where we’ve been are more important now.

Moon in Pisces is asking us to examine emotional boundaries and to use our intuition and empathy when making plans and dealing with people. Some of these themes are echoed in the Saturn/ Venus opposition. Finding a balance between taking care of yourself and creating emotional comfort versus hard work and discipline is important. This opposition could have us feeling insecure in romantic relationships, or feeling restricted by them. There can also be issues around beauty and aging when these 2 planets face each other.

With Mercury in Virgo working positively with Saturn and Venus, it’s a great time to make a plan- get it on paper. Investigate all the details of what you need to do to move in the direction you’d like to, and of course the full Moon is the time to let go of whatever’s holding you back from that. Look at releasing limiting beliefs that don’t allow you to let your imagination wander beyond practical boundaries. 

Keep in mind there are no planets in air, so being objectivity will be difficult, this is why tapping into your intuition and trusting your gut is extra important now. Open mindedness, maturity, empathy and the ability to look back and learn from where we’ve been are what we need over this astrological period. For some of us this will be a time of high productivity and achievement. If you’re being pushed farther than usual, don’t fight it, but make sure to check in with yourself- self-care is important.

Be patient with yourself and others. The road ahead seems un-seeable at this time. Remember to breathe. Remind yourself to be in the moment. Take care of yourself xoxo