New Moon in Libra

Date: October 16, 2020

There’s a New Moon in Libra today and it perfected at 12:49 PM MDT. One of the unique features of this lunation is the connection between the New Moon and the fixed star Spica. Spica is known to bring good fortune. It’s energy is like Mars and Venus. So there’s an element of finding balance. Spica is said to deliver rewards for hard work- this gels with the connection between Jupiter and Saturn, as Jupiter is moving to make an important conjunction with Saturn later this year. All signs point to the potential power of the intentions you set this weekend.

Spica is also associated with sage- so I’m going to clear my space with sage and sit down to set some clear goals for myself for the rest of 2020 heading into 2021. This current Mars retrograde seems to have been screaming at us to slow down, and now with Mars’ reign over Mercury, we’re being given ample opportunity to get our poop in a group.

Take this opportunity to sit and breathe for a minute- what are you grateful for right now, and what is it time to work towards. The rewards are there for you. If you can dream it and you have the necessary skills and are willing to put in the effort- Spica will deliver. The Sun and Moon are applying to a square to Saturn- so hard work has to be part of the plan. Our heavenly task master will no doubt be checking our work when the time comes.

Be in the present moment, dream a little and take care of yourself. xoxo