Halloween Full Moon

Date: October 30, 2020

Happy Halloween! We have a Full Moon in Taurus today- how perfect is that?! A Moon in Taurus tends to mark a certain level of indulgence. Venus rules Taurus and Venus rules sugar. Venus is strong right now in it’s own sign of Libra, and with the current state of the world, we’ll likely be tempted to self-sooth through the sweetness of Venus. Since we’ll be at home social distancing for the most part, I predict many of us will eat a lot of our own candy. Mercury and Mars are still retrograde, so our desire to connect or motivation to get moving aren’t great- so many of us won’t be too sad about keeping it low key.

Uranus is cozied right up to the Moon at the time it perfects, so what you planned might be turned upside down. There should be some surprises for a few of us. Be aware that Uranus rules accidents and mishaps- unpredictable events in general. Be responsible (Saturn will like that), and with Uranus within 1 minute of the Moon, don’t take unnecessary risks.

Although the planets are set up perfectly for a sugar free-for-all, this Moon is a great time to release your dependence on things that bring you instant gratification (like sugar). It’s also good Lunar energy for getting rid of things you don’t need anymore. If you’re holding on to something for a rainy day ask yourself- am I looking for an excuse to save things I’m never going to use or look at again? If the answer is yes, get rid of it. I’m going to purge my closet- since we’re talking about Venus, clothes and beauty products are a great place to focus.

Be safe, indulge and I’ll see you on the flip side of Mercury retrograde. xoxo