New Moon in Scorpio!

Date: November 12, 2020


We have a new Moon in Scorpio this weekend! It perfects Saturday night at 10:07 PM MDT @ 23° 17′ Scorpio. There’s a lot of activity astrologically in this chart, so this lunation will pack a punch for some.

Mars stationed to start going forward again Yesterday, and will begin slowly moving forward on Saturday. This is significant in its own right, but since it’s ruling the Sun and Moon for Saturday’s lunation, the shift adds a potency to the event. It’s been a long 9 1/2 weeks, seeing delays, obstacles, crankiness and for some literal physical ailments forcing some of us to slow down. For this reason, the New Moon really can mark a new beginning of something.

Something to pay attention to are issues that started festering in mid October. These may come bubbling to the surface– or maybe even make an explosive appearance, which may be surprising and destructive. With Venus making a tough aspect to Pluto there’s a need to shed superficiality. We may feel discontented with our belongings, or realize our values have radically shifted and we didn’t realize how much until now.

Having Mercury opposed  Uranus, we may have a tendency to lose patients when trying to get our point across. If both people are feeling this same way, it could lead to some frustrating disagreements. With Mercury in Scorpio, this may not be something you can just let go since Mercury in the deep dark waters wants to get to the bottom of the problem, so trying to keep it light won’t be easy- or even possible. If you encounter challenges, try listening instead of talking- this could help to see where the problem is.

With the Sun and Moon making a nice aspect to Jupiter there’s opportunity through honesty, hard work and pragmatic optimism. This could be a time where we feel very vulnerable- like everyone can see right into us. We could have a tendency to bounce between extreme self-doubt and optimism. Put your faith in those you respect and who you know respect you back. Stick to practical solutions and things should go more smoothly- at the very least, there’ll be less room for disappointment.

This New Moon set  intentions around emotional authenticity, honesty and commitment. Be kind and try for patients. xoxoxo