Solar Eclipse Time!

Date: December 13, 2020

shows an image of a solar eclipse and the degrees and astrological sign The New Moon will be perfecting in.

We’re going through another eclipse and this time it’s at 23°08′ of Sagittarius. This is a solar (new Moon) eclipse, and the New Moon will perfect at 9:16 am MST on Monday December 14th, 2020.

This eclipse is taking place at the South Node of the Moon and has great potential for clearing and releasing. Try focusing on emotional junk and build up that is potentially effecting health and mental well-being. This particular New Moon could unleash well buried emotions. If things bubble up unexpectedly- avoid making rash or sudden decisions. Instead, focus on taking care of yourself, checking in with how you’re honestly feeling and making a plan for success.

Put your rocks away- I’m putting mine in the salt for the next couple days. If you can and wish to make use of the eclipse helping potential, try to take a bit of time to do some clearing- salt soak, dietary cleanse or extra rest will be helpful. I’ve noticed this eclipse season how disturbed my sleep has been as we’ve approached both eclipses. I’ve experienced tons of stressful dreams. I seem to be carrying my anxiety into my dream world.  If you find yourself feeling run down or overwhelmed, try to take what time you can to honor how you’re feeling and do something special for yourself.

We have a big astrological shift coming this week so stress will likely by high, especially for those who have planets at 0°-1° of the fixed signs- Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. You’ll possibly be feeling an intense mixture of optimism and self-doubt. It cold feel a bit like an emotional and mental rollercoaster so try to stay objective if you can. I’m talking about Jupiter and Saturn heading into Aquarius together. This astrological event has been long talked about in terms of its importance. If you google the “Great Conjunction” you’ll be inundated in information if you’re interested in taking deeper dive into it.

We’ve been dealing with what seems like the eternal winter of Capricorn– having had the North Node, Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn there. It has been combinations of these planets and points that have lead us to this crazy time in history, so the change from earth to air is super anticipated. Is it a good thing? If you believe whole heartedly that change is good, then the answer is a resounding “DEFINTELY”. Otherwise, it will be nothing short of interesting.

Saturn in Aquarius likes to take the rules and institutions and get rid of what’s out dated and not working. It can seem a bit like anarchy. The detached nature of Aquarius makes the changes seem heartless because Aquarius can detach and see things from a purely “logical” perspective. There’s a rebellious quality to Saturn here, so I think the antics and protests and disquiet may get a lot louder. Some astrologers think this shift will be really positive. I hope they are right! As for me, in my own chart, the 2 planets will be very busy. So I’m going to sleep for a couple of days to prepare.

Be kind to yourselves xoxo