Happy Solstice!!

Date: December 20, 2020

Happy Solstice! It’s that time of year again, where in the Northern hemisphere we can let out a collective sigh as the days start getting longer while we freeze our patooties off. There’s a lot going on in this solstice chart. Not only is the Sun at 0° Capricorn – the event that marks the solstice, but so are Mercury- which is conjunct the Sun- Jupiter and Saturn are 2 minutes from their Great Conjunction. Not only will this be significant for those with 0-1 degree of fixed signs, but also those who have 0° of the cardinal signs- this is a lot of stimulation to half the zodiac. 

We also have Pluto square Mars at 23 degrees of cardinal, so Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn are getting it from a few directions. In the middle of that square is the Moon at 23º Pisces- acting as a conduit of sorts.

All of the astrological events I listed involve large scale change. The great conjunct marks the beginning of a 150 year cycle where the conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter, which occurs every 20 years, will change from happening in earth signs to air signs. We had a preview of this in 1980 when the planets met in Libra. What we’ve built while these planets had rendezvous’ in earth will now be re-conceptualized, or made digital- old warn out aspects will be ditched for more “progressive” methods or ideas.

The thing to remember about Aquarius (the sign Saturn and Jupiter are in) is that it often think it’s progressive, but I’ve found Aquarius to often be a traditionalist wrapped up in anarchist’s clothing. Aquarius is a radical pragmatist. It can seem ruthless in its actions because it’s not sentimental about what needs to be done. Aquarius sees things from the broadest perspective, sometimes missing the personal side of an issue. So changes that could be implemented may feel like they lack human consideration.

For those experiencing Saturn and Jupiter transits, expect a shift in how you work, your responsibilities, and the foundation for which you depended on. Saturn generally expects us to work hard and do our due diligence, so if you’ve cut corners on something- you may be faced with the consequences. Hopefully, Jupiter graces us with a little luck in these new beginnings. If you’re committing to anything new, be aware the the rosy blush of the thing may wear off when Jupiter moves away from Saturn, so be honest and self- self aware when making decisions.

As for the Pluto Mars aspect- be safe. That’s a volatile aspect that can bring anger and frustration. I’m hoping it doesn’t bring violent protests and uprising. Having the Moon in Pisces in the middle says to me that if we progress with empathy, love and adaptability, we’ll be fine. Respecting others’ and our own emotional well-being while maintaining healthy boundaries is the key.

So Merry Christmas, Happy New Year- take care of yourselves and see you in the 2021. xoxo