New Moon in Capricorn

Date: January 12, 2021

There’s a New Moon in Capricorn tonight. It will perfect at 10:00 PM MDT. There are a few mentionable features about this New Moon chart.

The last few significant astrological events have pointed towards further disturbances and chaos. You just have to look at the news, or log onto twitter to confirm this is true of what we’re seeing in the world. One of the most talked about astronomical events was the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Some people assumed this was going to be a marked improvement- there’s a belief in some astrological circles that Aquarius is a progressive and humanitarian sign, but the truth is we’re still dealing with Saturn energy. Even if one feels strongly that Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and is more humanitarian in nature, at the very least, this is fixed energy. What Aquarius does have the potential to produce is revolutionary ideas and solutions that are innovative. 

We’ve got a whole lot of earth, and a whole lot of fixed and cardinal action. This says there’s no room for compromise or flexibility. People have chosen sides- feet are planted, minds are made up. This leads me to think that we may see further disagreement and backlash. Mars is moving to conjunct Uranus. Uranus is about disruptive- shocking events that promote change. Mars is our survival instinct- our fight or flight. Mars is our drive to survive, so this combination has a lot of potential tension and disruption built into it. Add on top of it all Mercury making a hard aspect to Uranus and these disruptions most likely won’t be quiet. With this Mercury Uranus square can come bursts of anger and frustration- things flying out of your mouth you’d intended to keep to yourself…you’ve been warned.

Saturn in Aquarius is ruling this New Moon- it’s about facing our own responsibility for where we are right now, personally and collectively. If you’re putting your personal needs ahead of the collective, to the detriment of the collective- it will bite you in the bum. Saturn in Aquarius will not tolerate it- Saturn is about Karma and Aquarius is concerned with the good of the whole. How do your actions and beliefs fall in with these ideas?

This New Moon comes together connected to Pluto. These are the things to ask yourself as we move into this new cycle and you set intentions for yourself. What has power over you? Are you using your power in a way that’s hurting someone else? What steps can you take to take back your power at this time? Is there a way you can use discipline and hard work to take back some of that power? 

For me, my intentions will be centered around creating a more disciplined schedule, designing better systems around my work and self care, and being more conscious about my eating and drinking habits. My promise to myself is to be kind and patient with myself and not to just quit if I make a mistake or it gets hard.

Do something cleansing before the new Moon perfects- salt bath, cleaning and throwing things away and smudging are some of the things you can do to make way for positive change. I’m going to clean out the fridge, take a salt bath and smudge my kind to yourself. xo