Full Moon in Leo

Date: January 28, 2021

We have a Full Moon in Leo today with Jupiter conjunct the Sun opposing the Moon. Fire Moons are about play and self-expression. In Leo there is a strong emphasis on creative self-expression. With the Sun ruling the Moon being conjunct Jupiter, there’s a need to look objectively at how you take up space in the world. Do you feel safe being seen? Are you trying to make yourself smaller than you are? If so, why? Being seen doesn’t have to involve jumping up and down begging for attention, it just means being able to own your gifts and letting them shine through. It’s a great time to evaluate how you might limit yourself from being seen.

On the other end of the spectrum- are you someone who will do anything to get attention? Is there a healthier way to achieve this. Be honest with yourself, if you seek attention at the expense of others, what is it costing you? 

The rest of the lunation chart has some interesting feature- I’ve mentioned the Sun conjunct Jupiter- this combination can bring optimism, opportunity and success- working with this Moon may help increase confidence and positivity. Check-in and make sure that your ego is in check because big-headedness can get you into trouble- remember, the Sun and Jupiter are being run by Saturn- so hard work is still part of the equation. Taking credit for all of you hard work- patting yourself on the back is good.

The Sun/Moon/Jupiter combo is being squared by Mars- a cranky Mars. This is a fixed t-square so we could end up being challenged in the areas of life where we feel most stubborn and fixed. Because there’s a lot of pressure on Mars, it would be good for people to burn off some Mars energy – some form of exercise could help, even if it’s chair yoga- move you body. Don’t be surprised if people are cranky, this aspect is not good for people trapped inside.

Venus and Pluto are in a tight partile conjunction. This celestial match-up can be about digging deep to understand your values. At the deepest level- what do you want? Venus and Pluto together can also stir up strong desires and powers of attraction. It’s an intense aspect that can generate obsession.

Overall it’s a powerful Full Moon. Be kind to yourselves. xo

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