New Moon in Aquarius

Date: February 9, 2021

There’s a New Moon in Aquarius perfecting at 12:05 PM on Thursday.  Now we have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn all in the same sign. Aquarius is an air sign- it’s the fixed air sign.  We also have Mars in Taurus, another fixed sign. When we’re talking about fixed sign we’re thinking words like permanent, stable, consistent, also stubborn, rigid and stuck. So if we combine the ideas of air being the thinking element and we add all the fixed on top of it, we can get people who are stuck in their thinking. Or, we could have situations becoming stagnant so then new ideas need to be introduced to move the stagnant energy.

People who have a lot of Aquarius in their charts can tend to live in their heads rather than their bodies. Aquarians can process a lot of information at once and that seems to be how the world is coming at us right now- we’re living in our heads. There seems to be a lot of group upheaval. Traditional ways of doing things are being overthrown for ways that seem to be better for the collective- or at least they’re being sold that way.

I’ve also noticed an incredible amount of internet toxicity, and the message of if you not with us, you’re against us. It’s becoming isolating for some, and since it’s being couched in the message of social consciousness, and progress, there’s little wiggle room to allow people to find common ground. Such is the energy of a fixed socially motivated air sign. With Mercury still retrograde, people’s messages are most likely being misrepresented or misstated, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of back pedaling or re-doing will come once Mercury moves direct.

I’ve had an influx of fire sign clients in the past weeks. We have no planets in fire right now, so if you’ve felt uninspired, tired or lacking the desire to shine, sit by a fire, light a candle or do something creative to warm you up. It might be a good time to buy a Sun lamp if you’ve been considering it. With covid restriction and the lack of fire represented in the sky I’m going to guess that S.A.D. in the northern part of the world is higher than normal. Since we can’t travel- we have to do what we can to increase our happy vibes.

If you can find the energy to move your body, you’ll feel better. If you can shift this time spent in your head to meditating and stream lining your thoughts, you’ll feel better. and if you remember to be kind to yourself- you’ll feel better.



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