Full Moon in Virgo is on the Way

Date: February 26, 2021

It’s Full Moon time again! This time @ 8°57′ Virgo. It will peak at 1:17 AM MDT on Saturday February 27th. This Full Moon will be more significant for you if you have personal planets and points at 7-9º- especially the fixed and mutable signs. (The Modalities.) The Sun and the Moon in this lunation are joining Saturn and the centaur Chiron to form a unique configuration called a boomerang. The very uncomfortable aspects being formed by the Moon to Saturn and Chiron are called Quincunx– 150° aspects that create a feeling of insecurity, and therefore drive a need to make adjustments and small changes to alleviate the discomfort. But, because of the insecure nature of the planets involved not being able to see each other, choosing the right direction is very difficult, leaving one feeling helpless and frustrated.

As we’re talking about the Moon in Virgo- needing to be of service and help others, Saturn which is militant in its need for change in Aquarius (a rebel with too many causes) and Chiron- the little centaur of wounding and a need to heal at the deepest level. This combination is contributing to a strong feeling of uneasiness. Quincunxes in a natal chart can leave the native feeling paralyzed with fear to act in order avoid getting it wrong. Conversely, it can lead the native to act hastily and without thought out of the same fears. None the less, it is the aspect of troubled timing and, what at first glance seems like, the wrong actions. The gift is– if you’re looking for it-  as long as an action was taken there is something positive in the outcome- even if it wasn’t the intended one.

In this particular combination, the Sun is the planet completing the boomerang- so that’s where all the pressure will rest for resolution. The Sun in Pisces will have to find a way to balance Saturn’s social descent, and Chiron’s collective need to heal, being triggered by a potentially destructive need for perfection. Because Saturn, the Sun, and the Moon are all making easy aspects to Uranus, a compulsive need to break free, rebel, and shake things up could be the preferred method to shift the discomfort. A more productive way to move forward in a positive way is through the unconditional love of the Sun in Pisces. Unfortunately, the ruler pf Pisces- Jupiter- is in a rather unhappy state, so the judgmental, black and white side of Pisces might be what we end up seeing, as the overall underlying vibe is an insecure uneasiness.

For some, this energy might be a very powerful driver for change and self-actualization, use it wisely by making a plan. This year is going to continue to be weird and wild, so looking at the direction you want to take and breaking the necessary steps down into reasonable chunks will help you take some control back. If you’re feeling bad about things and a little lost about your way forward- go donate your time and help others- this is a beautiful way to work with the Sun in Pisces.

Sending out so much light to you! Be kind to yourself. xoxo