New Moon in Aries

Date: April 8, 2021

Shows a woman standing at dusk on a New Moon. Wording says New Moon at 22 degrees Aries on April 11th

New Moon in Aries this weekend. I’ve done a lot of whining over the last while about the lack of fire we had in the sky, and now it’s all we’ve got. In the New Moon chart not only do we have the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus in Aries- Chiron and Ceres are in Aries as well. That’s a lot of Martian energy! This much rammy fire can have us feeling impatient, brazen, and filled with childlike energy. Child-like enthusiasm is one of the themes of this new Moon along with bravery and carving your own path. The gift of Aries is a no looking back- attack life with abandon way of living.  Aries energy can seem impetuous and although it’s intense, on its own, it lacks staying power. Aries tends to bore easily, be impatient and charge ahead without thinking. 

To add to this ungrounded and frenetic vibe- the ruler of Aries- Mars, is in Gemini. So we have Mars and Mercury in each other’s signs- this is called a mutual reception. So while Mars doesn’t usually do well in Gemini and Mercury tends not to like being in Aries, they’re working together and gain some strength through the reception. If we think about these 2 planets working together- we’re more inclined to make plans and gather information about our crazy plans when Mercury’s involved. The down side is we may end up with a lot of great ideas coming at us fast and furious like without the time or wherewithal to execute any of them. We could feel over stimulated, with a lot of nervous energy. This combination can also lean us all towards feeling competitive and argumentative- so give yourself and others some slack for the next week and a half, while we all walk through the fire.

It’s a great time to do things to physically burn off the energy through exercise and/or games. The New Moon is making a nice aspect to Mars, so there could be an opportunity through sport or competition. It might also be a good time to stand up for what’s important to you- although if we’re all feeling a little extra feisty, we might not make much headway.

Overall, when you’re looking ahead and setting intentions, think brave, daring and playful. When I was looking at the chart overall, I noticed that the only 2 planets in earth signs are outer planets (Pluto and Uranus) and the thought that popped into my head was “we can only be grounded in so far as we are connected to the cosmos.”  We are all made of stardust.

It’s going to be an interesting time, especially for those of you who have personal planets between 20º and 26º. If you don’t know your chart and were born between the 10th-16th of any month, your Sun is at one of these degrees and this could be an eventful time for you. It doesn’t really matter which sign, because we have planets in all 4 modalities. (If you want to know about elements and modalities click here.) This will be most challenging for those who have things at those degrees in Taurus or Scorpio- because most of the planets are in cardinal fire (Aries) life is going to feel like it’s moving way too fast for the scorpions and bulls, and there’s not a lot of compatible astrological energy for them to draw from. It won’t last too long because everything moves into earth and water soon anyway.

I’ll send out an email (sign up here) next week with some astro updates. In the mean time- have a great New Moon. Be kind to yourself! You may be a bit pooped this weekend during this balsamic Moon in Pisces, so be gentle.