Full Moon in Scorpio

Date: April 26, 2021

shows an image of a full moon over still water, and says that the full moon will be at 9:31 pm at 7 degrees scorpio on April 26th

Tonight we have a full Moon in Scorpio perfecting at 9:31 PM Mountain time. The first thing that strikes me about the chart is the fixity of the thing. There are 7 planets in fixed signs- that is a hell of a lot. The only thing that’s got some action is a very unhappy Mars -although Mars and the Moon are in each others signs and technically that’s a good thing- but seriously, this is a recipe for stand-offs leading to emotional outburst, or for uncontrollable emotions overcoming you, or for the passive aggressive among us, some serious emotional manipulation in order to have things move in their favor. 

We had such a major change in the cosmic vibe last week that many people are feeling like they got hit by a celestial boulder, leaving them feeling like a nap and cheesecake are the only options. When we go from 3 planets in the cardinal fire of Aries (with its ruler Mars in changeable, busy Gemini) into fixed earth and a bit of water, it feels like we all came to a screeching halt and we don’t know who put that brick wall in from of us. I really enjoyed the amount of non-astrologers on social media last week posting pictures of the ridiculous amounts of desserts they were buying and consuming, even using as meal replacements – Venus rules the sign of Taurus and sugar, and that gorgeous decadent Venus is in charge of the Sun and Mercury too- so desserts and naps for everyone! With all those planets taking turns squaring off with Saturn, there will be no lack of guilt over the indulgences and this will continue until the Sun moves past its square to the grumpiest planet on May 3rd.

Some of my deep, penetrating Venus in Taurus thoughts have included – am I the only one who prefers chocolate chip cookies after they’ve cooled and sat for a while? Is this because the flavors comingle? So then, would the perfect chocolate chip cookie be achieved when the batter has had 12 hours in the fridge before baking- then you’d get those good flavors when the cookie is still warm? Should I add the salted caramel chips?

I know! Planet saving stuff up in this brain!

The other thing about Taurus is it’s very embodied. Taurus is sensual and kinesthetic, this can be uncomfortable for those who prefer to ignore their bodies- I’ll put an embodiment exercise in the newsletter to help with getting into and feeling around your vessel. Things like digging in the dirt, preparing food and walking barefoot on the earth, are great ways to connect to the earthy vibe of Taurus. Enjoying those activities while paying attention to the emotions that come up works well with the combined cosmic energy- just feel stuff, try not not analyze anything. (Geminis and Aquarians are like WHAT?! – Do what you can.)

With everyone digging in their heels and not backing down, combined with a super emotional Mars- doesn’t feel like good times to me. When you’re living through the Full Moon in Scorpio, secrets are bound to surface . Buried issues may surface, and if you’re an airy type (lots of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius in your chart) this watery undercurrent could be extremely uncomfortable because anything you’ve pushed down may rise up too fast to logisticize it into a measured discourse.

So! It’s a great time for purging. Get rid of some stuff. All this Taurus energy has us so bogged down, and the Scorpio Moon is asking you to dig yourself out of the stuff cause it’s holding you back. I’m eyeing a couple of book shelves that are a disaster- and once I’ve cleared them out, I’ll see what comes to me in terms of limiting beliefs- it’s time to burn those beliefs and let them go. I also highly recommend Brene Brown’s (she’s a Scorpio) The Call To Courage on Netflix right now. It was so good, I’ll watch it again.

This is just the beginning- the Sun joins Uranus the planet of surprises and shake-ups on Thursday and the next full Moon is an eclipse- so buckle up! The best way to handle the Sun Uranus connection is to let go of the reigns and see where the chaos takes you- if you try to hold on, you’ll get injured (metaphorically-or not).

Take care of yourself. xoxo