New Moon in Taurus

Date: May 10, 2021

shows image of Moon phases and gives May 11th, 2021 at 1pm mountain time when it perfects

New Moon today, in the sign of Taurus. This is a beautiful place for the Moon to be. This is where the Moon is exalted. It’s about comfort, stability, security. I keep seeing on the interwebs that Taurus is preoccupied with being rich. This is one of those crappy generalizations that’s missing the essence of the energetics of the sign.

Taurus is preoccupied with physical comfort and when we’re talking about the Moon, it’s about emotional safety- so naturally a preoccupation with monetary means will most likely be present. BUT, for there to be a connection to being rich, there has to be something in the chart driven by a need for social status and also something in the chart motivated enough to go out and make the money somehow. Sun or Moon in Taurus will often appreciate antiques- items that are long lasting, made of quality materials and have a history. Most of the celebrities who famously collect antique cars have strong Taurus placements in their natal chart. (Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld and Billy Joel are great examples and all have at least the Sun in Taurus.)

I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that people’s anxiety levels have been quite high- this combined with fatigue, and lots of cycling thoughts. Many people report issues sleeping, or feeling uninspired. This can happen when we have an abundance of air, and a lack of fire signs represented in the sky. For air signs, this has been over stimulating; water signs may have found themselves to be overly verbal- trying to give their thoughts a voice in order to diffuse the mental racing; earth signs may feel scattered and untethered: fire signs may feel uninspired, and lacking their usual spark. In the newsletter this time I’ll include a grounding exercise including pressure points and chimes to help ground, quiet the mind, and bring well being.

Everyone is excited about Jupiter going into its own sign of Pisces. Jupiter in it’s own sign usually brings happier times and a better mood generally- but the shift isn’t going to bring any fire, (and there won’t be any until Mars moves into Leo the 2nd week of June) so if you’re feeling like your pilot light isn’t lit, try hanging out in the Sun, lighting a candle, or having a fire (safely). Often these literal cures can make a world of difference.

Jupiter makes the big (temporary) shift Thursday at 4:35 PM MDT, and what I hope it does bring with it is greater empathy and attention to helping those who can’t help themselves. A less “me first” attitude from some people would be a nice change- Jupiter here can soften sharp edges. What we all need to be aware of is creating and/or maintaining our emotional and energetic boundaries. Jupiter in Pisces can expand things beyond our imagination- so if your setting intentions or making wishes- dream big- but remember to keep it within the realm of what you’re willing to work for. 

Above all else, be kind to yourself. xoxo