Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Date: May 25, 2021

Eclipsed Moon


Eclipse season is here and we have a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius perfecting tomorrow. This isn’t a typical full Moon! It’s time to let go of the things you’re ready to leave behind. The Moon will be making it’s opposition to the Sun while approaching its own South Node, making this a South Node eclipse. While Full Moons are already about releasing, and eclipses add another layer of purging energy- the South Node connection magnifies all of this exponentially, making this eclipse season an incredible time to purge, clear and shed all that no longer feeds your mind, body and soul.

Sagittarius brings to mind words like ideology, philosophy and judgement- so ask yourself how these parts of you can use a house cleaning. With Saturn retrograde and Mercury about to go retrograde, it’s time to revisit things you’ve put aside. Which responsibilities, limitations and fears no longer serve you?

This is a potent time for reinvention. Since the Moon is in a fire sign for this alignment, I’ll be using smoke as part of my cleansing ritual. Here is a list of things you can do to make use of this energy.

Purge– It’s interesting with the Gemini/Sagittarius axis involved, I’m called to clean out old books and school work, and purging my office where I do most of my thinking and writing. But, I’ve also gotten rid of clothes, and am doing a thorough cleanse of some symbolic attraction artifacts. Following the theme would be to do some free writing about your fears and limitations – anything that’s holding you back, or things you’ve been holding back. Let them flow onto the paper freely- don’t let the rules of punctuation of capitalization slow you down. Once you feel you’ve gotten it all out, if you can do so safely – burn the pages. Let the flames and smoke cleans the toxins out of your life. This isn’t a fix all- but this technique has definitely freed up some of my own mental and emotional space in the past.

Cleanse– I’ve been going through this article of Kaitlin Coppock’s (Goddess of all things magical) to guide me during the season. Per some of her suggestions, I’ll cut my hair and give myself a pedicure today or tomorrow to get rid of the old and dead energy I don’t want to carry forward. I’ll deep clean the bathroom, and at some point do a body purification. It’s tricky this far north- it’s best done after the Sun sets, but that happens so late here…lol- MAN HAVE I GOTTEN OLD!

Clear– This isn’t the time to charge stones. I’ll be putting all of mine into sea salt to give them a good clearing.

One of things I’ve been trying to keep consistent with each exercise is to use the mantra, “I’m making room and clearing these things to make space for better things that come freely and easily.” Whatever that thought process is for you, try to remind yourself and the universe that you’re doing these things with a better future as your intention.

And with that, I’m off to cleanse my world. Be kind to yourself! xoxo