Full Moon in Aquarius

Date: August 20, 2021

We have a Full Moon in Aquarius on Sunday- it perfects at 6:02 AM in this part of the world (Mountain time). What’s striking about this particular lunation is the Sun and Moon are poised at 29°37′, meaning they’re just about to change signs. This indicates we’re each at the tail end of something, or poised for change, wherever this lands in our charts. I will be doing my releasing exercise with extra mindfulness to the potency of this 29 degrees. Letting go of unnecessary beliefs and behaviours will carry some extra significance now.

At 29 degrees there’s an anxiousness to the energy of the planets, and it may feel heavier because the Sun is leaving it’s sign. Add to that the Moon’s separation from Jupiter, and this full Moon could leave some feeling a bit sad, or with an unexplained longing. It’ll pass. A great antidote for this is to honor Jupiter with some focus on what you’re grateful for. Instead of focusing on what you missed, or what’s lacking, focus on what you have. Work on being in the present, and the past and future can come more into focus, and you’ll be able to see them through a healthier lens.

The chart for this full Moon features a couple of interesting trine aspects. A trine is a 120° aspect between planets, and is thought to be the most harmonious. What it is is easy- the planets have an easy communication between them- the first pair is Venus and Saturn, both in their own signs. This can bring a desire for stability, can lean toward conservative ideals and values, and make restrictions and responsibilities more palatable.

The other is Uranus and Mars. Here’s the problem with calling an aspect harmonious- there is nothing harmonious about Uranus and Mars energy when it’s combined. A trine just gives the planets unhampered communication with each other, making their combined energies express more easily. In a natal chart a trine is a place in are charts where we tend to be lazy- gifts we take for granted and such. In this case, having an easy aspect between Mars and Uranus just opens them up to have an easier time creating the surprises, upheavals and outbursts these 2 are expected to bring. Drive carefully. Think before you speak. Get some exercise (but don’t go over board). Maybe these 2 connect to your chart in a significant way, and this trine could bring some drama…remember to breathe and take care of yourself.

Anyway- this is our last Aquarius full Moon for the year, and we’re asked one last time to examine where our ego may be getting in the way of doing things for the good of the collective.

As a beautiful friend reminded me- the way forward is self-love. If we TRULY love ourselves, then we can love each other. Be kind to yourself.