New Moon in Virgo

Date: September 3, 2021


illustrates riding the wave

The New Moon in Virgo perfects at 6:51 PM mountain time on Monday September 6th. It’s a pretty wild chart. The Sun and Moon are trine Uranus within one minute. This combination signifies an excellent opportunity for change, increased independence and an uptick in spontaneity. This could be a time when you surprise yourself with quick action and movement in a totally new direction. This energy will be gone as fast as it comes, so don’t waste time thinking too hard about it. This is even more relevant if you have personal planets at 13°-15°.  Don’t be too worried about getting all the details nailed down before moving on it- you can make adjustments as needed. This opportunity is more about the journey than it is about the destination.

We also have Mars in harmonious aspect with Pluto- when they’re playing nice, it doesn’t mean the changes they bring are easy, just that the way is clear for the planets to enact their will. This combination suggests a move in a new direction in order for transformation to occur. These are the 2 planets that signify war and fighting, so their playing nice just says to me that there may be more to fight about, especially when getting down into the niggly details. Mars in Virgo can let its obsession with details get in the way of affirmative action- so the way forward is in the fine print, conscientiousness, and efficiency. There are also ambitions of power in this combination so be aware in situations you walk into- if you feel tension or discomfort, there could be power struggles at play.

Then there’s a quincunx between Mars and Jupiter. This is an aspect that leaves a feeling of unease and insecurity. Shifts in the plan will be required and timing may be off. These aspects require tenacity and patience- most of all, they require flexibility, so go with the flow and let go of your expectations- do the work anyway because there’s a very good chance that the outcome may be better than expected, even if you can’t see it immediately. There’s a trine between Venus and Jupiter so this may actually increase the frustration because this nice aspects could have you believing whatever you’re doing is easy peezy. Be flexible and it should work out well, just different than you first anticipated.

All of this will be magnified because we have a square between Venus and Pluto. This can indicate power struggles in romance, but also in the areas of your chart ruled by Venus (Taurus and Libra). Perhaps a re-evaluation of values will be necessary to be able to move into the next phase more gracefully. If you have personal planets at 23-24° there could be some major shifts in your future. Ride the wave- don’t dig your heels in…trust me. Riding these planetary swells will be easier than trying to hold firm. This always makes me remember learning to ride a horse- something about moving with the horse rather than holding on for dear life resisting the horses movements will leave you less battered and bruised.

Sunday may be a particularly challenging day bringing with it a lot of tension, followed by the release of anger on Monday- be honest, but mindful- change is necessary. Love yourself and be kind to yourself first- that doesn’t always mean avoiding things- sometimes it means facing stuff and expressing feelings. May the Forces for good be with you.