Full Moon in Pisces

Date: September 19, 2021

Full Moon in Pisces Sept 20th at 5:54 PM


We have a Full Moon in Pisces today; it perfects at 5:54 PM Mountain. This is the most empathic placement for the Moon. It asks us to dream, expand, hope and be generous of spirit. As soon as the Moon moves off its perfect opposition to the Sun, it will be void of course. What this means is that the Moon won’t make any major aspects to other planets before changing signs. You can use this part of the lunar cycle to your benefit by releasing things you truly want to be done with. Void of Course Moons (VOC) are helpful when you want to put something to rest. Like Steven Forrest says in The Book of the Moon, this is the time to sign divorce papers, or send in your taxes- things you want to be done with.

If you’re looking to release something this full Moon, keep this in mind. Thank the thing you’re releasing, acknowledge what it brought into your life and then let that shit go. If you have belongings you just haven’t been able to get rid of for whatever reason- this would be the time. When I talk about important placements in Pisces, I often talk about psychic hygiene. It’s one thing to respect people’s physical space, but are you conscious of your energetic space. Clearing your energetic field will be most beneficial now. Do some research on psychic hygiene practices and reinforce your energetic boundaries. I was recently reading an article by Jessica Lanyadoo about her psychic gifts and her advice to working with these gifts is to make sure you are living healthily- that way you’re ready to hear what spirit is telling you.

That strongly applies to the energy of the Pisces/Virgo opposition. The earth of Virgo is healing the physical while the Watery Pisces heals and works in the ethereal. So the message of this Full Moon lies in the question “how can I better care for myself in order to be better connected to spirit?” ” What can I change in my daily routine or spiritual practice that can enhance and perfect my spirit/mind/body flow?” “What do I need to release to move forward in a more in-tune and unburdened way?”

Mercury in making a nice aspect to Jupiter in this chart which says it may be easier to verbalize our dreams and wishes. But Venus is moving to oppose Uranus, which will kick up some stuff around values and autonomy. The opposition will bring with it the potential for objectivity, so if you find yourself getting stuck in an ideological loop, take a step back and allow the objectivity to wash over you, and ask yourself- what do I truly value, and how do I need to shake things up in order to improve those things in my life.

If you’re stuck in a rut, Mars is moving to trine Saturn. This aspect has the potential to create conflict that leads to positive change. Not comfortable at all- these 2 planets don’t come together and make teddy bears and rainbows- but seeing as it’s a trine, the connection brings the chance for a good out of the bad sort of scenario. Whatever these planetary alignments bring, be kind to yourself. Use the releasing vibes of this full Moon in Pisces and have a nice salt soak and let go of the energetic crap that’s gotten on ya this last little while. We’re on a wild ride. Pluto has us transforming and we don’t know what we’ll become. It’s uncomfortable, but the more you sit in the discomfort rather than trying to return to the comfort of a nonexistent past, the more positive the outcome can be.