New Moon in Libra

Date: October 4, 2021

data for the current new Moon


It’s New Moon time and it perfects in Libra on Oct. 6th at 5:05 Am MDT. This lunation is loaded. Both the Sun and Moon are within a degree of a conjunction to Mars and Quincunx to Uranus. This combination is unpredictable, unsettling and maybe even shocking. For some this planetary set up could be like a release valve. You might shock yourself by how you react in a situation. Mars/Uranus can be a fly off the handle energy. At the very least there will be surprises.

Libra is concerned with what’s fair and what needs to happen to maintain homeostasis. This is something that can get Libra into trouble. Libra may try to keep the peace at all costs- sometimes the cost can be integrity. Mars with the Sun and Moon can give a boost of enthusiasm, or aggression- so there’ll be a feeling of fighting for what’s fair. But the Sun attaches egos, and the Moon fluctuating emotions- so what’s fair will be really subjective. This combination can also bring vitality and competitive spirit, which is great if a situation warrants it. Since neither the Sun nor Mars do their best while in Libra, we can assume that the trio will be troublesome in some way.

Since the lights plus Mars are 150° from Uranus, and Uranus represents sudden events or shocking/surprising outcomes- the Uranus stuff will come out of nowhere, perhaps forcing us to change direction or adjust how were looking at a problem. Anything new, may take an unforeseeable turn- as long as you approach things with flexibility, you’ll be alright. It’s when we get too fixed on a specific outcome that these aspects are hard to navigate.

With Mercury retrograde about to join the lunation trio it’s a good time to consider the importance of our words– not just what we communicate to others, but the words we speak to ourselves. As I was looking at the New Moon chart, I took a break and was cleaning out one of my email boxes (such a Mercury retrograde thing to do) and I came across an email from the DailyOm called- Words Are Energy. Divine timing indeed.  You can read it here. It’s a quick read, and an excellent reminder to be conscious of what we put out into the world.

With this New Moon comes our first planet to begin to move direct this month- Pluto, followed by Saturn next week, and then Jupiter and Mercury around the Full Moon. These shifts in direction plus Venus moving into a fire sign this week, will have the energy feeling quite different by the 3rd week in October. If you’re planning to make New Moon intentions this time around, focus more on the goal (more joy) rather than the outcome (a boyfriend)- the desired effect of the intention, rather than a concrete ask.

With the Quincunx energy this next few days throwing us for a collective loop, I feel like we’re all going to be like a kid at a party wearing a blindfold, being spun round and round and round, and when it’s time to spring forward we’ll have no idea what we’re swinging for. It’s the candy…aim for the thing with the candy and be kind to yourself. xoxo