Full Moon in Aries

Date: October 20, 2021

shows the full Moon and that it's happening Oct 20 at 8:56 am MDT in Aries


Happy Full Moon in Aries! This is coming to us Wednesday Morning at almost 9 Am in this part of the world. Planetary oppositions that form on the Libra (in this case the Sun)  and Aries (the Moon) axis are always giving us the opportunity to look objectively at issues around “I” vs. “we”. Where do you sit in your life in terms of independence or co-dependence? This particular full Moon has the potential to be revolutionary for some, as the ruler of the Moon- Mars is about to make a tough aspect to Pluto.

Pluto/Mars connections are rough. God of the underworld, faces off with the God of war. Super light and fluffy themes to be sure! At it’s worst, this combination can be violent. An intellectual way to describe it would be to say -there could be change instigated by violent action. Or, the actions taken lead you to see the darkest places of the psyche. Any way you slice it, this aspect could stir some stuff up. If you have personal planets or angles at 22-24° of Aries, Libra, Capricorn or Cancer in you chart, the best way to handle this is to not resist the changes that are coming your way. Listen to your intuition, if your compelled to do something to make someone happy but your gut is screaming “no” – do what’s best for you at this time and trust your inner guidance. This is not the time to appease others.

As the Moon separates from the exact opposition to the Sun, it will be what is called void of course (VOC). This means that the Moon won’t be making any more aspects while it’s in Aries. It’s hard to get rolling when the Moon’s VOC. Like Mercury Retrograde (which is done for now- Woo!), there are activities that benefit from the VOC energy and things that don’t. Here’s an article about it. Jenni does a great job outlining the do’s and don’ts of this regular phenomenon. If you find you’re tired or just can’t seem to get started for the 5 hours after the Full Moon- don’t sweat it. Be patient with yourself and do what feels right- maybe something from the list in the article will suit your energy level.

Overall, it’s gonna be a weird week I think. The over arching theme will be frustration until Jupiter gets rolling on Friday. By then Mercury will be moving and by Saturday Mars will have zoomed past the square to Pluto. We can spend the weekend sifting through the ashes of what the week set on fire. Anything you’ve been holding back could come flooding through this week, as emotions will be high and things could feel really intense. The Sun moving into its yearly dive through Scorpio will not lighten the mood.

Try to remind yourself, we’re all going through it. That’s not to say you should put up with people’s shit! But if we can all try to breathe before reacting, it could save us from some unnecessary outbursts that get us nowhere- or worse, resulting in a reaction we just can’t take back.

Mantra of the week “I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

Take care of yourself. xoxo