Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Date: November 18, 2021

taurus eclipse November 19th, 2021

We have a partial Lunar Eclipse happening in Taurus this week. Eclipses tend to bring more juju with them than a Full Moon, and if they’re making aspects in your natal chart they potentially have more impact on the events of your life. Dietrech Pessin says they can open a box filled with treasures or a box like Pandora’s, opening up all sorts of calamity. She says, it’s usually a mix of both.

When we’re looking at the Taurus/Scorpio axis themes of belongings and possession are highlighted. What we value, our stuff, our emotional depths and emotions we’re holding on to are all part of these 2 astrological signs. I’m interested to see what comes up in the near future around food shortages and how we’ll be hampered in our efforts to buy holiday gifts and treats, since Taurus is connected to these things. Material gifts and food- especially farm foods/ agriculture. The good news is, the Moon is closest to the point that tends to give, rather than take away – the North Node rather than the South Node- so we’ll see how it unfolds.

The chart of the eclipse features a really nice aspect between Venus and Uranus and I’m hoping this brings beneficial surprises. Doing something out of the ordinary could hold rewards. The opposition between Mars and Uranus has passed by the time of the eclipse, but it could be a crazy lead up to the lunar event. Drive safely and don’t be antagonistic to others. Mars and Uranus tend to cause accidents that lead to bleeding. They also bring out our impatience, irritation, and restlessness. By Wednesday afternoon this will slowly ease up. With both of these aspects there should be some unexpected twists and turns this week. **Note- I wrote this before the events in BC took place, and so all of the above in terms of food, agriculture, accidents and in this case natural disaster were some of things we saw under this planetary energy. Where I think we’re seeing Venus is in the kindness and help people are giving each other all over the province.

As always with eclipses, don’t charge your stones- this isn’t a regular full Moon. A purifying salt soak (for you not the stones) would be a great way to wash off what’s getting in your way. Think about what you don’t need anymore- especially when it comes to stuff (Taurus) and get rid of things taking up space. Remember you want to create space to make way for better things. This Moon is about letting go, not holding on.

Be kind to yourself. xoxo