Full Moon in Gemini

Date: December 16, 2021

Full Moon in Gemini


We have a Full Moon in Gemini perfecting on Saturday at 9:35 PM Mountain time. It’s the last Full Moon of the year, and since this lunar phase is about letting go- let’s all decide to release some of the negativity we may be holding on to for 2021. It’s not the year’s fault that it sucked so bad. I’m going to spend a little extra time examining what I’m grateful for from this last year- I figure it’s the best way to bring the positive things forward rather than holding on to what I’d much rather leave behind me moving into 2022.

There have been a lot of shifts this week with the planets. We had Mercury move into Capricorn leading to a whopping five planets ruled by Saturn – Soon to be 6 on the winter solstice when the Sun joins Mercury, Pluto and Venus in Capricorn, and Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. That much Saturn makes things cold…literally. Those who use the planets to predict weather would predict cold weather- and we got it, and I’m predicting it’ll be cold for a while, but I’m no expert in this area AND I hope I’m wrong!

Mars has gone into Sagittarius. The good thing- Mars likes being in fire and this hot energy will help mitigate some of the Saturn seriousness we’re being inundated with. The bad thing– Mars in Sagittarius is hot headed and opinionated- spouting off without the facts maybe… If you have this natally, a life long lesson is to do your research and find the facts, you’ll piss less people off if you don’t. I have this Mars placement, I know.

Having Mercury in Capricorn may not help the Mars energy because Mercury can get mentally or ideologically stuck here, believing itself to be right. That’s not all! Venus is stationed to go retrograde on this Full Moon. My old Astrology teacher- Chris McRae used to say that Venus retrograde was “waspish”, meaning we all tended to be primed for a fight, or ready to sting at the slightest provocation. I read this description of Venus in a book called Your Hidden Powers by Joanne Wickenburg about intercepted signs and retrograde planets. In it she says:

“Venus represent the capacity to appreciate all that life offers. It shows what you want for yourself, what gives you personal enjoyment, and what you want from social interactions. Venus is your personal magnet, and it enables you to attract experiences that cultivate self-worth and promote creative relationships. Venus is love. Your level of self-love qualifies what and whom you attract and also plays a part in determining whether you accept or reject what comes to you. Venus has a simple but profound promise: If you don’t want it, you won’t keep it. Whatever you choose to accept and keep in your life serves some value to you or you would not accept it.”

When Venus is retrograde, it’s not a great time to make long term commitments or end relationships– it’s more about finding out what’s of value to you. Do the people and things in your life add value? Do they make you feel valued? Because Venus is making a lot of contact with Pluto- the answers to these questions have the potential to be profound and transformative. Taking time away from situations to be able to gain perspective is a better choice than an abrupt ending.

So…the holidays should be fun. Just keep these things in mind if you’re connecting with people who tend to set you off. If you’re on the fence about inviting that uncle who has questionable ideas and gets his information from shady sources…maybe just send him a card.

I would say to serve less alcohol, but this is a pretty sober planetary line up. On Christmas eve and Christmas day the Moon is in Virgo- sober and doesn’t like to indulge. My biggest advice is to keep your criticism to yourself- your suggestions won’t be received as helpful. Luckily, it’s moving into a nice aspect with Venus, so maybe the desserts will be extra popular. Thankfully this interaction between the Moon and Venus will provide an opportunity to make up if there was any earlier drama. The afternoon and night of the 25th look pretty good.

On the upside- many of us are so starved to socialize- the relief alone may carry us through rough stuff. I received an email from a QiGong dude I follow, and it was so perfect. It gave 5 (the last being to join his 12 days of QiGong deals) tips for empaths to survive the season and I’d like to share the 1st four with you.

  1. Say “No”. When you say no you’re telling your mind and body you’re committing to protecting your energy.
  2. Leave if you need to. If you’re somewhere you don’t want to be anymore, give yourself 100% permission to to get the f**k out. Even if it’s just to step out of the situation and take some needed deep breaths…it’s okay to leave a situation that’s causing you stress.
  3. Stick close to your healthy routine. Well at least try. Lol- At least try to get enough sleep and water. Making a conscious effort can do wonders at keeping us grounded.
  4. Be Kind to yourself! If the turkey doesn’t work out, OH WELL. Ask yourself “did anyone die?” It’s so easy to talk smack to ourselves when we’ve heaped too much pressure and elevated our expectations of ourselves. If you catch yourself in negative self-talk- STOP. Breathe deeply and replace the negative thoughts with something nice and/or encouraging. This will go along way to support your sanity.

These are paraphrased of course. You can check Lee Holden out at www.HoldenQiGong.com

That’s it for me. By the time I blog again, Jupiter will have moved into Pisces- hopefully that brings the optimism astrologers are predicting.

Sending love and good wishes always!