Full Moon in Cancer

Date: January 17, 2022

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The Full Moon in Cancer perfects at 4:48 PM MST. There are a couple intense aspects in this Full Moon chart, making this quite a dynamic lunation. Cancer Full Moons are already powerful because The Moon is at its brightest and in its own sign, making this an intense and emotional Moon. Themes of family, commitment, security and nurturing are illuminated. Cancer needs to feel safe, especially on an emotional front. It self-protects, and stings when it feels threatened. There’s also a physical component to this as Cancer also represents nourishment and rules the stomach. So, issues around feeling secure when it comes to basic needs may be featured.

Opposite the Moon, the Sun is leaving being conjoined Pluto. So the Full Moon, as it moves in to be it’s brightest is illuminating issues of power, revolution, ego, corporations, business to give you the short list. When the Sun aspects Pluto it generally relates to power struggles. With Mercury retrograde there’s a lot of room for miscommunicating or misrepresentation. Venus is also retrograde so we’re going to see past issues come back up. I feel like we’re going through our own version of Groundhog Day when we turn on the news. Hopefully it doesn’t take everyone as long as it took Bill Murray to figure out what the point is…. I’m not optimistic.

Uranus looks to us like it’s stopped in the sky and will soon be moving direct again- this should usher in a bit of chaos and change. It’s squaring off against Mercury and Saturn- to me this reads like those who are protesting regulations just because they don’t like being told what to do (Saturn in Aquarius) will get a big surprise...Uranus tends to shake up anyone being unnecessarily rigid- shaking things loose that need to move forward.  

The Sun moves into Aquarius on February 19th at 7:39 PM adding more energy to the fixed air element. The Sun doesn’t like being in Aquarius. It is the sign of the Sun’s detriment as Aquarius is opposite the Sun’s sign of Leo. This is a sign of independence and mental strength, but collectively this might not be helpful in the area of ego and individualism. On a positive note, the days are growing longer up here in the cold dark north and THAT is something to be happy about.

There’s been a lot of astro talk about Jupiter being in it’s own sign of Pisces, and it being wonderful and hopeful blah blah blah. The problem in this Full Moon chart is that Jupiter isn’t making any aspects- it’s not talking to the rest of the team or spreading its unconditional love around except through Mars…yikes. So fighting in the name of an ideology is the thing Jupiter’s doing right now. When a planet is unaspected it creates insecurity rather than comfort, and the potential for it expressing its troublesome side is higher, especially when Mars is your spokesperson. We’ll get little glimpses of Jupiter goodness on Thursday during the day in North America when the Moon makes an aspect to Jupiter,  By January 24th, Mars will have moved into it’s “happy” place in Capricorn and the Moon will make a trine to Jupiter which should feel a bit better.

Once Mars moves out of Sagittarius, we’ll find ourselves without planets in the fire element. I know for me, when we lack the fire element I feel uninspired and draggy. I Have to burn candles to help move me through. I also go onto the real estate website and drool over houses with fire places.

When Jupiter gets a little farther along it’ll start making aspects to other planets and by then Venus will be direct- some positive things will be happening in the sky. Use this full Moon to let some shit go especially around family. Focus on what you need to be nourished and feel safe emotionally. A good salt bath could do wonders to melt away negative clingers you need to be rid of.

Remember to be kind to yourself! xoxo