New Moon in Aquarius

Date: January 30, 2022

new moon


Let’s take a deep breath in and welcome some new energy with this New Moon in Aquarius. We have some astrological events to be grateful for and some to look forward to in the near future and I say we focus on those, instead of the world going crazy all around us.

With Venus slowly moving direct and Mercury soon to be, we should start to feel like progress can be made. Starting around February 6th we’ll be in the unique situation where none of the planets are in a retrograde cycle, which can tend to feel like life is happening at warp speed. With Mars, the planet of action, in a sign where it’s extremely productive, there are likely to be tangible results from the actions we take. This doesn’t mean they’ll be the results we’re looking for though, so make sure you know what it is you want to get from your efforts.

Because seven of the ten planets are still being ruled by Saturn, the changes that occur will be around laws, structures, institutions and the like. Mars in Capricorn is rather militant…but the Sun, Moon and ruler Saturn are in Aquarius and that energy tends to rebellious – maybe for the sake of it- so we have a potentially toxic mix in some ways.

Jupiter is still only talking to Neptune which is a fairly delusional pairing. Potentially blinded by ideology type stuff, or escapist. I know I’ve been more quick to down a cocktail these days which speaks to Neptune and Pisces’ desire to escape. AnotherĀ  way to use those cosmic vibes is by listening to or playing music, meditation, art, sound baths or soaking in a tub are a few ideas that come to mind. Wednesday the Moon will Join them which will hopefully feel like a small relief from the heavy Saturn stuff.

Then we have a very interesting trend starting On Thursday February 3rd, where heavenly bodies with different, I would even say opposite, energies will meet in the sky starting with the Sun and Saturn. The former being the hottest and the latter the coldest of the planets. This will last for a couple of days. The following Thursday Mercury catches up to Pluto. Mercury is zippy and unpredictable, whereas Pluto is very slow and feels gravitational-weighty. This will last for about a day andĀ  a half. Finally, Mars meets up with Venus on the 12th. This is the joining of Yin and Yang- action and allowing, or what you want (Venus) meets the action required to get it (Mars) . These two don’t actually separate from each other until mid March. This is highly unusual. When Venus and Mars meet (form a conjunction) it’s usually for a day or two, so because this aspect will last so long this conjunction should produce some form of balancing. It’s also note worthy that the 2 planets will change signs together before Venus moves away from Mars, so symbolically this feels like two sides coming together to create change.

So which two sides of yourself need to be united? Where might you create more balance? The Aquarius New Moon vibe calls us to come at things with a new strategy, to look at issues from a different point of view and an alternative perspective. Don’t be afraid to be independent, to stand out and be different. Just remember, Aquarius wants to make change that improves the world.

Be kind to yourself.