Full Moon in Leo!

Date: February 15, 2022

image of a full Moon, and the date and time the full moon in Leo perfects, February 16th at 9:56 am mountain time

This Full Moon in Leo Chart is something else. The themes apply everywhere, but there are some striking chart placements specific to or more potent in Edmonton, and Alberta, as Edmonton is the capital of Alberta.

The Venus Mars conjunction is within one minute, which means these 2 planets are working as one right now. Mars is our fight or flight, our drive- it’s concerned with our most fundamental needs- those required to survive. Venus is our desires and comfort. One of the places I see this reflected is in the masking issue- comfort vs. survival. If you’ve convinced yourself we don’t need masks to survive, Venus wins. If you’re convinced a mask is important for survival and protection, Mars wins. The pair are moving away from the top of the chart, so hopefully this can stop being an issue that leads to attacks and bullying. It’s the rage ignited in non-maskers when they see people in masks that led me to blame the Mars Venus pairing. People wearing masks threatens the unmasked, because…what if non-maskers are wrong? If they are, then they’ve placed themselves and others in danger. When they have to face that possibility seeing those in masks, it triggers Mars, which is anger. There are many examples of outbursts on every side of the many debates and disagreements – this is just the one I find the most bizarre.

This can be said for any major, collective disagreement we’re seeing at the moment. Being faced with the opposite side triggers fear, which sets Mars off. All of us feel, on some level, our survival and comfort are being threatened, and so Mars is running roughshod over most situations. Exercise and good competitive fun can burn some of this off. I don’t mean to sound trite, but working up a good sweat can really do wonders for Mars energy.

We also have Uranus at 11:11 Taurus sitting on the ascendant, opposing the Lot of Fortune which is EXACT on the descendant. When I put together the symbolism of 11, plus Uranus on the ascendant and the rest, it’s about finding balance between self (ascendant and Uranus) and others (descendant)- but the good fortune is to be found in working with others.

The number 27 figures very prominently. The Sun is at 27 Aquarius, Moon at 27 Leo are both square the nodes at 27 Taurus and Scorpio. We can’t forget Pluto at 27 Capricorn. If you have planets at 27 degrees, this could be a significant crossroads. Having planetary energy tied into the fixed cross of the Full Moon may have you analyzing your purpose, searching for deeper meaning, or feeling an urge to leave something behind in order to move forward. Fixed energy is notorious for disliking change. When allĀ  fixed signs are in aspect, we get a stalemate. Everybody has dug in their heels. But we’ve reached the peak. The Moon will move off and a light will have been shone on how effective digging your heels in has or has not been. Pluto is plodding through it’s last 3 degrees of Capricorn, hell bent to create as much destruction as possible….it’s a lot.

We are still lacking fire and this isn’t helpful because there’s a lack of positive inspiration. We are getting a brief reprieve with the Moon travelling through Leo, but that will be over by Wednesday the 16th at 1:43 pm. Sit by a fire, light candles, use the colour red- anything fiery can be a pick me up.

This has been such a potentially difficult time, use this waning phase leading to the new Moon to purge. Collectively getting rid of crap to make way for better times would be good, but doing it for yourself because you deserve better things to come is powerful magic. Making small changes in your routine will help create movement that can instigate big change. Here are a just a few suggestions.

-5 minutes of breath work at the beginning and end of your day.

-If you pick up coffee everyday, try a new spot.

-Take a new route in your daily travels.

-Try something different for breakfast if you eat the same thing every day.

-If you don’t normally- take a shower when you et home to wash off your day.

Above all else be kind to yourself. xoxo