New Moon in Pisces

Date: March 1, 2022

new moon on March 2nd @ 10:34 am MDT image shows pisces symbol of 2 fish


It’s New Moon in Pisces time and the astrology doesn’t get any less intense. The New Moon chart is striking, having all of the planets within 120 degrees of the zodiac (360 degrees). Most of them passing through the most collective signs of the zodiac, and in this part of the world, in the most collective part of the chart.

Mars and Venus have joined Pluto, indicating further disruption and violence. The dictatorial will continue to throw their weight around. The more people think this whole cosmic shift is meant to support people’s rights as individuals, the worse the situation will get. This is a Plutonian change. It’s collective and it’s about complete transformation. People fighting to have life go back to normal don’t get it. Pluto’s goal is always to transform entirely- we can do it the easy way, or the hard way.

Venus and Mars are still travelling together, and poor Venus has no influence in this situation. The gentle energy of Venus is being overshadowed by a loud and ambitious Mars. The energy will shift dramatically on Saturday night when the two enter Aquarius together. The power differential will shift because Mars loses quite a bit of strength in this sign change. Hopefully having Venus stronger will give us an opportunity to breathe a bit. Most people I know have their shoulders supporting their ears right now- hopefully Venus can help us relax a bit.

Unfortunately, Mars becomes more unpredictable, which may lead to more psychological and cyber warfare than physical battles. Jupiter and the Sun are doing a nice cazimi dance from Friday night (10:34 PM) until 3 o’clock Saturday afternoon. This will potentially bring in feelings of optimism and joy, but it will be short lived and most likely lead people to take risks they’ll regret.

This is a great time to meditate, start a gratitude practice and chart out a plan to treat yourself better. If you’ve already got the self-kindness nailed down, helping others is really well aspected now. The world is changing- what’s one small thing you can do to help it change for the better?

Sending out big love.