Full Moon in Virgo!

Date: March 16, 2022

Full Moon in Virgo perfects March 18th at 1:17 AM Mountain Time- image shows flowers and soaps representative of Virgo imagery.

The Full Moon in Virgo hits in the wee hours Friday morning. Intriguing configuration: all of the planets are at the bottom of the chart with the Moon sitting right at the top shining down on all of them. This should lead to things being uncovered, or realizations for some people, especially in the realms of health, self-improvement, diet, and will likely bring a strong sense of responsibility- not in the grown up Saturnian way, but more in the martyrish Virgo/Pisces way. This usually brings some form of sacrifice.

The Moon will leave the Sun and trine Pluto right away. When you hear astrologers talk about Pluto, you’ll hear things like revolution, transformation, destruction in order to rebuild, and all of this applies. We often talk about how structures like governments, banks, business etc. will be transformed. What I haven’t often heard is anything about “social responsibility”. Pluto beams a wide scope- it’s a generational planet and so effects everyone. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn which represents Governments, institutions and the like, but it also brings with it responsibility, and I feel like this is the point that gets lost on many. In order to get through the rebirth, we have to learn that we’re not only individuals – I feel like, until we all get it, we’re just going to keep getting hammered by Pluto. This Full Moon can bring clarity to those who are open to it.

Pluto is in the last 2 degrees of it’s transit through Capricorn. The final degrees of a sign bring more urgency to the planet’s mission– so anyone believing Covid is over, or that life is going to return to anything resembling what we see as “normal”, is likely going to be pretty disappointed. I hope I am 100% wrong.

Where you can focus this Moon energy for yourself is to take a good look at your eating habits– how could you clean them up. Are there any unhealthy habits you’d like to rid yourself of- this is the Full Moon for that. Virgo is about efficiency, cleanliness, perfecting and the Moon rules digestion. Do you know which house the Full Moon in Virgo is in for you? Wherever that is, it’s time to streamline, clear out and simplify in relation to those house matters in order to maximize these Moon beams.

Venus is making a square with Uranus. Venus is about Values: it represents Women’s issues, the arts and most importantly peace and diplomatic resolution. While Uranus rules fascism, individualism, separation, scientific breakthroughs and anarchy. A square generally indicates conflict that produces resolution– not easy resolution, but resolve born out of necessity because the tension is just too unbearable, and nobody gets their way.

It’s so unusual that ALL of the planets plus Chiron are moving in direct motion with nothing retrograde, so there’s little to slow things down– it’s like everything, good, bad or otherwise, just plows forward . It makes me think about riding a Crazy Carpet- do you remember taking those to the toboggan hill- shit those were fun! But, someone always ended up bloody before the end of the day. The sky right now is less about the fun part, and more about someone ends up bleeding…

To keep rolling with the super upbeat astrology- we have the astrological New Year starting Sunday morning. The spring equinox (Aries ingress) takes place at 9:33 am March 20th MDT. Here in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, Pluto is at the top of the chart- I’m seeing this as a change of leadership. The ascendant at 29 degrees means something’s coming to an end, the Moon is also at 29 degrees, reenforcing the theme of endings- the Moon in this chart is the same for everyone in the world, the ascendant and Pluto will be different. The other thing that will be the same world wide is that Mars is moving in the square Uranus. As this aspect tightens we’ll likely see conflict escalate.

The most interesting thing about the ingress chart is that the Sun isn’t making any aspects– it’s like everything is in total chaos and NOONE is listening to the boss. However, we finally have some fire in the sky! Inspiration and energy will return, but with the Sun not making aspects we won’t know where to put it or how to use it. What this says to me is we need to take care of our own joy. Find new ways to be inspired. It’s more important than ever that we practice being grounded and centered- trust me, it will help keep you from getting swooped up in the chaos. Also, with the theme of 29 degrees, we have to finish something before we can move forward– wherever that Libra Moon falls in your chart will be the area of focus.

I’ve started this new practice. Since starting menopause, my sleep sucks. For a while I was waking up miserable. Then I decided to start every morning, before getting out of bed, using the mantra “this is going to be a GREAT day!” I say it over and over in my head until it sounds convincing. I have forgotten to do it some days, so I can say that I have a much better experience when I remember my mantra. The other practice I’ve taken up is sending love. When I am feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or down, I take a few deep breaths, then I send out love- usually pink sparkly light (but you do you, whatever love light is for you, do that). Sometimes I just send it out over the planet, sometimes to those I loath which helps me move through the negative, Marsy energy, and sometimes I just let loved ones float in and I bask them in the good stuff. It helps me get into a better place.

Sending you all the pink sparkly stuff! Be kind to yourself. xoxo