Full Moon in Libra!

Date: April 13, 2022

image of a female figure on the beach looking into the rising sun over the ocean wielding a sword. Full Moon in Libra perfects at 12:45 pm Mountain time on April 16th 2022

We have a Full Moon in Libra this week, and what a week it is. We’ve had Jupiter and Neptune travelling together bringing a weird combination of hope and delusion. It seems every time I turn around there’s a politician giving their version of an inspiring speech and making promises. The desire for escape has definitely increased for me as the number of animal videos I’m watching has increased exponentially- it’s definitely not the worst way to escape, but it is not productive.

Venus is in her happy place in Pisces which can also lend to a desire to daydream and escape. All of this Pisces energy can lead us to want to see the positive in things, which is beautiful as long as it doesn’t have you putting up with crap you shouldn’t. Mercury has just moved into Taurus, so it and the Moon are ruled by the dreamy Venus in this Full Moon chart. None of this energy points to a go getter attitude. We all have to be careful not to be too complacent. It’s so easy when Venus is up there languishing about. Thankfully she’s rising before the Sun, so she’s a bit more feisty than she could otherwise be when in Pisces.

The Moon will perfect the opposition to the Sun when the Sun is high in the sky, with the Moon hiding out at the bottom of the chart. This can show issues around family or home being illuminated. The Aries/Libra axis is about independence versus socializing: me versus us. We need to try to find a way to honor both sides. When is it time to leap forward bravely and take a chance with no regard for anyone but yourself, and when is it time to consider others in your decisions. All of the Pisces energy makes it hard to set boundaries- especially for those already challenged in this way. The gift of the Full Moon is the opportunity to take an objective look at where you need to put yourself first and where you could open up to include others.

What’s most striking about this Full Moon is that it happens square to Pluto, that means that the three bodies (Sun, Moon, and Pluto) are forming a T- which is why we call it a T-square. This set up tends to create a lot of tension and because all of these planets are in cardinal signs, there will be tons of activity and agitation around the issues that come to light. So, we’ll have the self- directed energy of the Sun opposing the socially oriented Moon squaring up against social responsibility and social transformation. It’ll be interesting to see what plays out. There are a lot of situations that require intervention at this time- we’ll see if anything comes of it.

Mars has also moved into Pisces, so the way forward involves using your intuition, and cultivating empathy. Mars in Pisces does what “feels like the right course of action” to get what it wants. It can be very persuasive when it knows what it’s chasing. So, use your own intuition to decide if something is right for you. What is it you’re ready to let go of? Where do you need to cultivate better boundaries? Are you the one who needs to learn to honor other people’s boundaries?

I’m going to take a nice long salt water soak for the full Moon. I’m also going to do some clearing in my space and get rid of some old stagnant energy that needs to go. I found this great post about clearing space HERE if you need some ideas or inspiration.

Sending out lots of love! Be kind to yourself. xoxo