New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Date: April 28, 2022

blue and aqua field Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees and 28 minutes of Taurus , on April 30 2022, 2:28 PM mountain daylight time/

You have probably already been feeling the New Moon Solar Eclipse coming at us this weekend. Maybe you’ve felt anxious, or had disturbed sleep. Some of us have more vivid or stranger dreams. It can leave some feeling out of sorts, while others are feeling energized. Whatever it is, It’s pretty intense.

No matter what you’re experiencing, it’s a pretty weird vibe. While the energy of the lunation may feel potent- there isn’t a lot of cardinal energy to motivate us to do anything about it. Mercury will be happily back in it’s sign of Gemini, and with the Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn all in signs they’re well placed in, this type of situation can lead to scattered attention. Mars is in floaty Pisces, so to get anything done, intuition needs to be used in order to get rolling in the right direction. Mars in Pisces does what feels right. I often find that a combination of fixed and mutable energy in a chart can result in a lot of spinning in one spot without getting anywhere, or like a car spinning its wheels. Overall fairly frustrating for most.

There are a lot of different takes on Eclipses. Bad omens, new opportunities…depends which school of thought you read. Dietrich Pessin in Lunar Shadows III describes this type of eclipse as bringing in the beginning of something new. Bernadette Brady, on the other hand, in The Eagle and the Lark describes eclipses from this cycle this way “This family of eclipses is concerned with the individual’s relationship to father figures, authority figures or the need to take responsibility and control. This is a time to accept commitments which could occur due to another person’s illness or another person’s unreliability.”

Take from those what you will. With Uranus sandwiched in between the Sun, Moon and North Node, this eclipse will no doubt bring surprises for some! We do have a lovely aspect between Jupiter and Venus happening very near the time of the eclipse. Venus is almost exactly conjunct Jupiter Saturday afternoon, which should have people feeling optimistic. This aspect should be lucky- but the eclipse… Unfortunately, that kind of optimism may lead some to dismiss the potential for negative consequences. So, don’t do anything you’ll regret later. Most likely we’ll want to enjoy good food and drink- there’s a lot of indulgence in the air!

It’s usually a good idea to purge and make space for what you really want, with the Venus Jupiter vibes, don’t settle for less than, but also, don’t commit to things you can’t afford – financially, energetically or in terms of your time. Leave yourself open for positive change, and remember, don’t get to worked up about the path you’re taking, you can always adjust as needed along the way.

Remember, Mercury is slowing down to go retrograde on May 10th. The best way to use it is to do all the “re’s”- review, revisit, reread, revise…you get the picture. Finish stuff you started, reorganize your office (or any space that needs it). Mercury retrograde can be very useful.

I’m curious to know how the fire signs are doing. Without any fire or air to fuel you, I hope your finding other ways to boost you up. Take care of yourself and be kind. Being hard on yourself is not good in the long term. XO