Sagittarius Full Moon!

Date: June 13, 2022

Full Moon in Sagittarius. Shows a Full Moon and data- full moon perfects at 5:51 am mountain daylight time and will be at 23 degrees Sagittarius and 25 minutes

We’re about to enjoy a Full Moon in Sagittarius, and what a Full Moon chart it is! Mercury’s finally direct and back in it’s own sign Gemini. This past Mercury retrograde was pretty tame for me- the mishaps were bizarre and sometimes entertaining, but I know that wasn’t true for all. Hopefully everyone is moving in the right direction again. Mercury in Gemini generally means there will be a lot of information coming at us and it’ll be our job to sift through it to find the real nuggets. It’s a good time to diversify where you get your news and information from.

Venus is in her own sign of Taurus for 10 more days. Having Venus in Taurus is lovely, but soooooo lazy. It’s a great time for things like massage, gardening, napping- anything that brings joy to your senses is highlighted with Venus here. Mars is also in it’s own sign. Mars in Aries is aggressive, direct and impatient. It’s effective for anything that doesn’t take tenacity since Mars here wants quick results.

What’s interesting about Mars in the Full Moon chart is that it is kissed up to Chiron. This could symbolize actions (Mars) flaring up the pain of old wounds (Chiron). In Aries this could be around individuality, independence, competitiveness etc. This says to me there will be other old issues, similar to abortion, that could be brought forward to rehash. In a more positive take, this pair has the potential to show actions taken to heal old wounds…there’s always hope!

Saturn has started it’s long retrograde cycle and is moving to make a positive aspect to the Sun and Moon. Because Saturn is about restrictions and responsibilities, I wonder which decisions might be reversed during the course of the retrograde cycle. Saturn things will have to be revisited and revised. What’s interesting to me when it comes to the tie-in to the Full Moon is the Sun is in the 12th house and the Moon in the 6th- this points to the Sun bringing to light things that were previously hidden, and secrets being revealed. In Gemini- information that has been suppressed coming to light.

During a Full Moon, the Sun also sheds light on the area the Moon is in- the 6th house is the house of health (among other things), the Moon represents the people- so I tend to jump to the idea that something that’s been withheld from us to do with our health and well-being will be brought to light and that restrictions will either be reinstated or totally dropped based on what we learn. Who knows. I do really feel though that some interesting secrets will come to bare in the light of this lunation. We’ll find out!

Sagittarius is also about truth, which is the other reason my mind went to the above assessment of the chart. In our own charts, the Full Moon asks where we need to be honest with ourselves? I found this article on self-honesty I thought you’d like -click here-¬†Sagittarius is also about beliefs and freedom, expanding our minds and trying new things. So to honour this Full Moon I’m going to purge something to make room for better things, and finish reading at least 1 of the books I have on the go– probably Atlas of the Heart by Bren√© Brown.

Sending out big love! Be kind to yourself. xoxo