New Moon in Cancer

Date: June 27, 2022

New Moon in Cancer including a picture of a crab at 7 degrees 22 minutes of Cancer perfecting at 8:52 PM MDT on June 28th


On Tuesday June 28th we have a New Moon in the Moon’s sign of Cancer. Jupiter in Aries is square the Sun and Moon which means there’s some stimulating energy to help you if there’s something you want to get started. Jupiter in fire can inspire, but make sure not to over do, or over promise whatever it is. Jupiter doesn’t know when to stop and in Aries it can give one giant shot of adrenaline and then leave you hanging.

The sign of Cancer is all about caring, nurturing and emotional protection. I always see it as a time to make sure your diet is giving you solid nourishment and that your taking care of yourself the best you can. When the Moon is in Cancer I often want to nap and rest, and having the Moon in a balsamic phase and in Cancer all day Tuesday (in North America), don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling tired and lethargic. We’ll feel better once the Sun and Moon connect in the evening.

If you have to work, clean something up and finish things that don’t take up too much energy if you’re feeling it. It wouldn’t be a bad time to take a personal day.

Any of us who have planets near 7 degrees will feel this New Moon a bit more. Not just because of the Sun and Moon, but because Jupiter is at 7 degrees as well as Venus. This is some good energy from the “happy” planets. It might take a couple of weeks to know what gifts may come your way, but make sure to plant the seeds.

Now, if you have planets at 24 or 25 degrees, you’re having a little less fun in the areas of your life effected by Neptune, Saturn and Mars. Saturn asks you whether you’ve worked hard enough, or studied enough- it brings up imposter syndrome in us. If you’re feeling it- breathe- it’ll pass. Neptune could have you feeling tired and wanting to escape reality- your dreams could be vivid. Music, or being around water is a nice way to calm Neptune transits. Mars has a tendency to make us impatient and angry- but it can be energizing as well. Try to be patient with those not moving fast enough for you- especially if that someone is you. All of these planets can bring up some pretty negative self-talk and this is where the New Moon in Cancer comes in.

Taking care of your emotional wellbeing by becoming more conscious of how you speak to yourself  is a lovely way to use this New Moon. It’s an excellent time to try or revisit some work around Self-Compassion. Here is a good article about the subject.

Here is a page filled with different ways to work on Self-Compassion. This page features free exercises and meditations to help you.

If you are feeling stagnant or stuck, you may want to do some clearing before the Full Moon Perfects. HERE is a website I shared back in April, but it’s a good one, giving you some tips for clearing your space. Take Care of you! xoxo