Leo New Moon

Date: July 27, 2022

Leo New moon shows a lion and the time and date of the new moon, July 28th at 11:54 am Mountain time

The Leo New Moon perfects today at 11:54 am Mountain time. I love the images of lions that come up when you search “Leo”. Often, the animals look serene and gentle, not quite laid back, but resigned. You can’t imagine from those pictures this is a creature that could eat your face off in one swift movement. It reminds me that Leo is a fixed sign, and like all the fixed signs, (Taurus and Scorpio too) they’re calm right up until you’ve pushed them to their limit, then all fixed signs will do their version of “eat your face off”, and there’s not much you can do to stop it.

The energy in general is fixed right now. The majority of the planets are currently in fixed signs, which indicates a period of maintenance. With the lack of mutable signs, there’ll be a lack of flexibility permeating situations. Anyone with a strong fixed signature in their chart may come up against some serious conflict during this 28 day lunar cycle, while those with a lack of fixity may find this period stabilizing.

There’s a beautiful trine forming between the Sun, Moon and Jupiter, and this can lead to some over optimism. Jupiter is stationary and will begin moving retrograde less than 3 hours after the New Moon. Opportunities that presented themselves between the beginning of May and now might fall through, or could be presented to you in a new way. It’s a good time to take a hard look at belief and biases, as these could be challenged during this time. Jupiter retrograde periods can be a time of disillusionment, or bring disappointment, but this usually only happens when we’ve over estimated something. If we’re feeling like something is about to come to fruition, we’ll realize whatever it is requires more time to evolve before it can be enjoyed.

Jupiter represents our judgements. If you find you’ve been judgmental of others lately, this may get turned around on you during the retrograde. If you’ve been judging yourself too harshly, this may be a time to reexamine this tendency. “Ideally, the station and its subsequent adjustment period before the opposition from the Sun should bring a time of quiet, inner re-evaluation of one’s ethical and moral prioritiessays Erin Sullivan in her Book Retrograde Planets. Jupiter goes direct at the end of November.

There’s a Venusian feel to this New Moon. Venus is strongly connected to the Moon now which brings with is a leisurely feeling. There could be a feeling of wanting to hibernate, rest and spend time with yourself. Self-nurturing is radiating from this chart- but also, what do we value at this time? What adds value to our life? With Jupiter trine the New Moon and Venus at the top of the chart, generosity is a theme. Generosity is also associated with the sign Leo- so looking at this part of yourself may be insightful. Can you be more generous, or do you need to set some boundaries? If you’re one to set intensions during the New Moon, focusing on the questions of value and generosity will be powerful. Use your creative juices to maximize the positive Leo energy.

Happy New Moon in Leo! Don’t forget to be kind. xoxo