New Moon in Virgo

Date: August 25, 2022


image of a barely there moon on dark pink sky. New Moon in Virgo at 4 degrrees and 3 minutes. It's perfecting on August 27th at 2:16 am Mountain time..

The New Moon in Virgo perfects on August 27th at 2:16 am. Since the Moon is meeting the Sun while most of us are asleep in this part of the world, we may experience strange dreams or disturbed sleep. The way some of the planets are relating to each other, this will be a mentally active phase for most of us, which can lead to insomnia and/or an active sleeping mind.

Mercury has just moved into Libra, and Mercury in an air sign tends to make our brains and mouths more active. Mercury is making a nice aspect to Mars, which Mercury is in charge of for a while. When Mars makes an aspect, it tends to speed up the energy of the other planet- Mars can act like caffein, and since it’s in the sign of intellectual Gemini, we could find it difficult to make decisions or pick a direction.

Mars is forming an almost exact square to the Sun and Moon, making this a scrappy New Moon. You may find yourself and/or others are irritable, emotional, impatient, or reacting hastily. The energy of the Virgo Moon, when presenting negatively, can be nitpicky and critical. All this may lead to arguments of a semantic nature where you can’t quite figure out what the hell went wrong in the discussion. If you find yourself heading down that road with someone, remind yourself it probably won’t be resolved and just walk away. Try not to take people’s reactions too personally in order to save yourself later headaches.

Venus, Uranus and Saturn are forming a fixed T-square- this configuration can lead to conflicts based on stubbornness and an inability to see other’s perspectives. Ideological conflicts are possible. People’s values may differ with yours- trying to change their perspective will only lead to them digging in deeper. All of this combined, at it’s best, can lead to excellent and spirited discussion and debate. At it’s worst, it can all lead to arguments with no resolution. If you need to burn off some intellectual energy then engage, but if you’re as pooped as I am, don’t bother. Use all that extra mental stimulation to read, write and play games. If there are decisions to be made, pros and cons lists can be helpful, or even just talking possibilities through with a trusted person can produce decisive results.

With the Moon in Virgo and ruling the ascendant of the New Moon chart, making a new plan around your diet and gut and digestive health can be a great use of this lunation. Finding a new form of practical self-care can be extra beneficial. My favorite Virgo word is efficiency, so if there’s an area of your life that can benefit from being cleaned up and streamlined, this is the New Moon for tackling that.

Avoid being hard on yourself. Virgo can be very self-critical to the point of paralysis. If you find yourself in this state, just get started- action is better than inaction- and be kind to yourself. xo