Full Moon in Pisces

Date: September 9, 2022


shows image of a full moon and text full moon iat 17 degrees and 41 minutes pisces. Perfecting at 3:58 am mountain time on september 10th.


We have a Full Moon in Pisces happening in the wee hours of the am on September 10th. A Pisces Moon is empathic, sensitive and extremely receptive, so we may experience rich dreaming or strong intuitive messages. We could be more sensitive to the feelings of others, or feel overwhelmed by our own emotions.

Something that stands out in this Full Moon chart are the retrograde planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde while Mercury is stationing to start its retrograde cycle. Things may feel like they’re not progressing. Generally, this isn’t a great time to start new things. When planets are retrograde plans can get a false start, or just simply not really get rolling until the planets get moving direct again. Mercury and Jupiter are the 2 most problematic of the bunch, since Mercury is communication and technology, while Jupiter is the bringer of opportunity.

Of course, life goes on and we can’t always avoid certain situations, so if you have something brand new starting in the next couple of months, you can expect delays or redirects along the way. If you’re patient and are able to adapt to changing circumstances, you’ll weather the situation better than if you’re rigid and unable to go with the cosmic flow.

I’m listening to the audio book The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy and I heard the best quote “Situations don’t happen to you, they happen for you.” I’m quoting from memory, so that might not be exact, but it’s the correct message. I tend to look at life this way, but I had never heard it so perfectly phrased before. It’s easy to start throwing blame around when we’re frustrated, but does it accomplish anything?

Using the intuitive juices of this Full Moon and going with your gut on decisions instead of overthinking them is a good use of the energy. If you’re feeling like situations aren’t playing out in your favor, using the Pisces Moon to empathize with others will help you understand where they are coming from. FromĀ  place of empathy you’ll have a broader view of what’s going on, and moving forward can be done from a more wholistic place.

Retrogrades are a time of reflection- to become more still and quiet and take a look at what we’ve left unfinished and finish it, or let it go. The Sun and Moon are on the Healing Axis of the zodiac- is there something you could finish that would be healing for you? Is there a space to clear out and reorganize that would bring well being. If you’re feeling stuck clean out a drawer. Sometimes just throwing a couple of things out is enough to make me feel productive so I can keep accomplishing tasks. Start with the little things and the bigger things will follow- also a very Virgo/Pisces sentiment.

If you are experiencing vivid dreams, now would be a great time to document them- see if there are any clear messages or themes. Most importantly, be patient with yourself and others. We’re all in the same planetary holding pattern, so be kind. xo