New Moon in Libra and the Equinox

Date: September 22, 2022

New Moon in Libra perfect at 3:54 PM mountain time on Sunday the 25th of september and picture of scales


As we step into the fall Equinox we’re met by a dynamic New Moon in Libra. The Sun and Moon will meet at 2 degrees and forty eight minutes of Libra as they’re moving to oppose Jupiter. There are many meaningful planetary combination in the New Moon chart, but I’d like to talk about the Equinox chart first.

The equinox began Thursday September 22nd at 7:03 PM MDT. Because the New Moon is coming quickly after the equinox, we are left with our fall season colored by the balsamic Moon energy in the F.E. (fall equinox) chart. We still have the majority of the planets moving retrograde, so the vibe of the autumn equinox is much less about a new chapter than it is about endings, finishing and purging. We might find ourselves revisiting things from the past in some way. This energy isn’t nostalgic in an emotional sense. There aren’t planets in water signs encouraging us to sit in the emotions to process them. With so much air in the chart, remembering will more likely take place in conversation or during a process of analysis. The Moon is also Void of Course in F.E. chart, so it’s an excellent time to finish things you never want to deal with again like taxes or divorce papers – ending a relationship will have a definite finality to it.

The New Moon chart is different. Mercury and Venus are coming together in a conjunction, Mars and Saturn are less than a degree from a perfected trine. Saturn is making a tough aspect to Uranus (this is the same in the F.E. chart), Mercury and Venus are trine Pluto and the Sun and Moon are opposite Jupiter. Those are a lot of planetary connections!

Some themes will include getting a chance to transform our values and how we get the message across- how we communicate what we need to feel good. There may be a period of hard work – a lot of energy is being poured into tasks – maybe having to split the energy between 2 areas of life or 2 projects. Unfortunately it’s not pleasant, but it can be extremely productive- so if there’s something you want to get done that requires a lot of work and you never want to have to do again, now may be the time.

Anything you’re being too rigid about may get knocked loose. The trick to navigating this aspect (Uranus/Saturn) is to be the tree in the wind- if you can’t bend with it, you’ll break. For people born with an aspect like this, the tree analogy is a life theme, for the rest of us it’s the phase we’re in collectively. This dynamic started back in February, and this is the last time Saturn and Uranus get close to this aspect. They don’t actually complete the aspect, so what will result is likely a general feeling of frustration and combativeness. Compromise without compromising your values may be the thing.

With the Sun and Moon in Libra opposing Jupiter in Aries, there’s a need to find balance and compromise. Big loud Jupiter in Aries is retrograde, so we may see big loud ideological messaging having to be dialed back. The New Moon isn’t usually the phase that provides objectivity, but because of the Jupiter aspect, it’s a unique quality of this particular lunation. Aries versus Libra is generally taking a look at I vs. we, or self versus others, and so we can expect to be faced with these types of situations over the next while.

If you’re planning to set intentions for this New Moon, things related to creating space and clearing the way for new and better things would be good. Areas where you need more balance would be where you need to focus. Maybe you could take a look at where you need to put yourself first. Actually making space by cleaning things out or decluttering are great exercises. Maybe you could simply get outside and breathe some fresh air to clear your mind. With all of these planets retrograde, we’re not gonna zoom ahead for a while. Take extra care while you can. xoxo