Feisty Full Moon in Aries

Date: October 6, 2022

Image of a full Moon in a cloudy night sky. Full Moon in Aries at 16 degrees and 32 minutes perfecting on October 9th at 2:55 PM Mountain time.

We have a feisty Aries Full Moon coming up on Sunday October 9th at 2:55 PM. We’re still in the throws of the Saturn Uranus square. The planets have been within a degree of each other since September 16 and will remain within a degree until October 23rd. They never do make the exact square, so this aspect is likely to create a lot of tension without producing the results that a square aspect usually generates. Uranus and Saturn are like 2 old guys dancing around a boxing ring yelling “get off my lawn” with feet dancing and fists jabbing, but never actually landing a meaningful blow. The outcome is that we’re all easily agitated- people may seem extra aggravating and our collective patients is almost non-existent.

The Full Moon in Aries features the Moon having just been conjunct Chiron with both heavenly bodies opposite the Sun, which is travelling with Venus in Libra. Chiron is known as the Wounded Warrior or Wounded Healer and the Moon here represents we the people. So this Full Moon may be illuminating a collective wounding, while the Sun and Venus shining from the other side are advocating for diplomacy and fairness.

The Aries energy is at war with something- here we can look at it as the collective fight for independence and individual rights- we’re being shown how that may be causing collective trauma. Chiron in Aries conjunct the Moon can bring a feeling of being in it alone, like we’re paddling through the ocean with no one to help us, so this combination can have us feeling lonely, lost, or even abandoned. In a natal chart this combination of the Moon and Chiron in Aries can indicate a hyper sense of self-reliance. I have this in my own chart and I’ve recently begun to refer to it as “toxic self-reliance” in my case. I also have planets opposed them in Libra and I’ve had to learn to work with others, to cooperate, and to allow others to help me. When I look at this Full Moon chart I see that we all need to find this balance at this time.

Mercury is finally moving direct, and by Monday evening it will be in Libra. This placement of Mercury is more easy going than Mercury in Virgo, so it may help to counteract the aggravation of the Saturn Uranus energy. Connecting with friends may be a sanity saving exercise we all need. This Canadian thanksgiving weekend we’ll have Mercury in the last degrees of Virgo though, so if your doing dinner with family or friends try to avoid being nitpicky or critical- there’s no point in picking fights no one can win.

If you get stressed, keep reminding yourself that “life is good” and “you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be”. These 2 mantras have been keeping me sane lately so I share them with you! With having all of the personal planets in fire and air as of Monday, taking a few minutes twice a day to take some deep breaths and ground yourself into your body will help you to feel more present and stable. Most importantly, be kind to yourself! xoxoxo