A Scorpio New Moon Eclipse

Date: October 23, 2022

Solar Eclipse New Moon October 25th 2022 at 4:48 am Mountain time. Image shows Consult the sky star logo against a blue background peppered with constellations.


We have a New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio coming up at 4:48 am in October 25th. The Sun and Moon will be at exactly 2 degrees while Venus is snuggled right up at 2 degrees 39 minutes. There are a lot of themes around getting rid of stuff to consider. Eclipses on their own are best used to purge, end, and purify, and to have the lunation in the sign of release and detoxification adds potency to the message. New Moons are usually about intentions and new energy you wish to create, but that’s not the focus of eclipses.

Venus being in the thick of this lunation adds themes of intensity, devotion and passion. Venus in Scorpio craves deep emotional attachment and connection that can even dip into the obsessive. Venus asks us to assess our values, longings, and romantic expectations. Focus on what you really want and what you need to get rid of to make room for your deepest desires. Because Eclipses represent longer cycles than simple Moon cycles, look at more long term ideas- long held habits or beliefs that are in need of reimagining. You can never go wrong doing a deep clean in some area of your life during an eclipse, and because this eclipse is in Scorpio and on the South Node of the Moon, these purging themes are amplified exponentially since Scorpio rules the processes that purify our bodies and the South Node is about release.

The Sabian symbols for the degree of the Eclipse adds some beautiful energy as well. From Linda Hill’s website¬†: In relationship to the eclipse I’d say the last lines are what we need to get rid of in order to work towards the top paragraph.

Neighbors Help in a House-Raising Party in a Small Village

This symbol shows people coming together in order to commune and build and accomplish something. Rather than going it alone, great things can be achieved if everyone works and pulls together. It is by acting as a community, rather than as separate individuals that difficult projects can be undertaken and completed. Sharing one’s skills, resource, time, tools and experiences can build worthwhile community values and enduring friendships that enrich and reward the community. Along with the labor, there will be time to share a drink, a meal and a chat, further drawing people into a sense of community and a shared purpose. Co-operation. Parties. Considering the needs of people. Dormitories. Building bigger and better things. Matchmaking. Community halls. Helping hands. Homeless shelters.

Taking advantage of group generosity. Refusing group endeavors. Bickering over who does what. Not trusting people’s input. Shutting off from others.¬†

Saturn went direct this week, so we’re moving into a process of restructuring. Keep this in the back of your mind when doing any eclipse work. Saturn boundaries can be newly erected, but they’ll look quite different if we have done the work of releasing old stuff. For example, if you want to work on restructuring the boundary of time, which habit can you get rid of that can free up a bit of extra time to be productive? Are there commitments to other people you can let go of now that will help create a healthy emotional boundary, but also free up some much needed time for yourself? Do you waste a lot of time and energy in your negative self talk? Could you work on limiting negative self-talk in order to accomplish more positive change?

Mars is about to go retrograde next week- Oct. 30th – Jan. 11th. While both Mars and Jupiter are both Retrograde progress will be slow. Getting things going will be harder. It’s a time for hard work and patients. This will be easier if we focus on the process and not get to hung up on the outcome. This is a process of delayed gratification.

Kelly Surtees made a great video about Mars retrograde in Gemini. I especially loved her talk about our needing to connect with our bodies while Mars is doing its thing. You can check out the video here.

Mars has extra significance for the Eclipse because Mars is the ruler of Scorpio, so understanding this Mars energy may help you decode your connection to the eclipse. As for me, I’m going on a purge rampage. Be kind to yourself! xo