Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Date: November 6, 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse at 16 degrees Taurus on November 8th 2022 at 4:02 Am mountain standard time. image shows an eclipse against a night sky.

We have a total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus and so many planets have joined this party! Over by the Moon, which is very close to the South Node is Uranus, and on the other side with the Sun and the North Node in Scorpio we have Mercury and Venus. Square all of these things is Saturn in Aquarius. If you have planets and points in the middle degrees of the fixed signs (15-18 degrees Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius) you are potentially going to feel this lunation more significantly.

All of this energy is forming a T-square which brings a lot of tension and stress. If we combine this with Mars retrograde we have a big potential for disagreements and conflict, but a lot of energy can be wasted this way. If you can hold your tongue, do, even if it’s just to take a beat and modulate your reaction to fit the situation. Because Eclipses- especially when Scorpio is involved- carry huge emotional energy, latent emotions can come blasting to the surface. Old hurts expertly packed away can be shaken loose. Scorpio wants to purify and transform on a deep emotional level and that can’t happen if things are buried deep deep down. With Uranus conjunct the Moon events are ground shaking or ground breaking and completely unpredictable.

In Eclipses and You by Judith Hill she credits Eclipses on the Taurus Scorpio axis with things like medical discoveries and other miracles of transformation, large financial changes are often noted in banking and insurance industries and in stocks, currencies and commodities. She also mentions earth changes, volcanoes, seismic events, landslides and floods while also highlighting changes in the health and fertility of soil, and livestock. Earth quakes are also indicated and since Uranus in Taurus is also associated with earth quakes this intensifies the energy around it.

Scorpio and Taurus eclipses have long lasting effects, so the changes coming up this eclipse season will be with us for a long time. Some dates to keep in mind are February 4th-6th, 2023, May 6th – 8th, 2023, and August 8th – 10th- these windows of time are directly connected to this eclipse, with the May dates potentially being the most potent.

This is a good time to journal- any activity that helps you process old emotional trauma will be beneficial. As I mentioned last time- purging and cleaning out the old to make way for the new is an excellent way to use the eclipses. Do not charge your gems and stones during an eclipse. I have been slowly getting rid of things and reorganizing. Tuesday morning I will be doing a major smudge of the house and extra in my work space.

Be extra kind- first to yourself, but also to others as we’re all going through this upheaval. xoxo