New Moon in Sagittarius PLUS Jupiter goes direct!

Date: November 23, 2022

A swooth of green light through a purple background. New Moon Nov 23 2022 perfecting at 3:57 pm mst.


It’s a Sagittarius New Moon Perfecting today November 23rd at 3:57 PM MST. This Sagittarius New Moon, ruled by Jupiter, occurs while it’s ruling planet is standing still getting ready to move forward after almost 4 months of being retrograde. WOO HOO!! This particular cycle has seemed long to me. It does not help that Mars is retrograde in Gemini acting like a Mercury retrograde. It has seemed particularly laborious to get things done. Nothing has run smoothly, that’s for sure.

The beauty of this New Moon in Sagittarius and it’s connection the planet of manifestation is our intention setting will have a little extra punch- do so thoughtfully and from a place of gratitude. Since Jupiter has gone back into the sign of Pisces, the inclination might be to dream big, but I encourage you to consider how hard you’re willing to work to make your dreams come true and proceed accordingly.

Jupiter in Pisces tends to lead us down a garden path not allowing a lot of room for pragmatism. The reality is we’re human, and we each have our own threshold for hard work. Make sure the goal is aligned to your ability to implement it. I love this definition of intention –  the act of stating what you intend to accomplish through your actionsHere is an article that has solid tips and makes some good points about intention setting. It’s framed around Intentions versus resolutions, but it still fits within the intention setting frame work I’m speaking to.

The down side of this New Moon in Sagittarius with Jupiter in Pisces, is how opinionated it can be. This will be emphasized now that Mercury, Venus and the Sun are also in Sagittarius. Hopefully during this Jupiter Retrograde, we have taken the opportunity to reexamine our own ideologies and beliefs and aligned them with who we have become. There has been enough conflict available to force most of us to take a look at our personal beliefs and make adjustments if necessary.

We have very little earth energy- Uranus, even though it’s in Taurus, definitely doesn’t provide a lot of grounding. So I encourage you to take time every day to plant your feet firmly on the floor and take some deep breaths- imagine roots going from your feet into the earth. I find this helpful when I start to feel untethered. This exercise centers me- takes me out of my head and brings me back into my body. Hopefully you can find some value in it too.

I am very happy to out of eclipse season and almost done with Jupiter retrograde for this year and I’m wishing you the Happiest of Sagittarius New Moon’s! Be kind to yourself and each other. xoxo